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6/4 through 6/9 - Gamay of Beaujolais, Burgundy

This week you'll get to sample 3 out of 4 wines from Brouilly and Morgon in Beaujolais. 

The Beaujolais is a historical province and a wine-producing region in central eastern France, located north of Lyon and south of Macon and covering parts of the north of the Rhône department [Rhône-Alpes] and parts of the south of the Saône-et-Loire department (Burgundy). Administratively the Beaujolais is in Rhone but as a wine region parts of it fall under Burgundy in Saone and Loire.

The Romans planted the first vineyards in the Beaujolais around Mount Brouilly. In the late 14thC, when the Duke of Burgundy decided to focus on planting the Pinot Noir grape variety, the Beaujolais in the south opted to plant only Gamay vines for its wine production. The Gamay grape variety, being hardier, ripening earlier and producing a stronger, fruitier wine than Pinot Noir, hence creating a distinctive difference between the two regions. Today, 98% of the Beaujolais is planted with Gamay, the rest being mainly planted with Chardonnay for the production of still and sparkling white wines.

The 10 Crus are situated in the most northern part of the Beaujolais - each produced in a village or area which has its own wine characteristics and produces a wine that carries that name - Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly, Régnié, Morgon, Chiroubles, Chenas, Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent, Juliènas, Saint-Amour. These wines are the most complex of the Beaujolais region and generally contain more tannins which gives them a longer maturation period of around five years in which to develop depth and a broader array of rich flavors and aromas.

June Flight of the Month - Margerum Wine Company

Doug Margerum is a legend and has been involved in the Santa Barbara food and wine scene for over 35 years. Upon graduating from UCSB in 1981, his family purchased Wine Cask. In 1994 the Wine Cask became one of 74 restaurants in the world to earn the Wine Spectator Grand Award.

Doug launched the Santa Barbara Wine Cask Futures Program in 1984, which elevated the exposure nationally of Santa Barbara Wine Country. From 1986 to 1998, Doug owned Vita Nova winery with Bob Lindquist [Qupé] and Jim Clendenen [Au Bon Climat].  In 2001, Margerum Wine Company began in a tiny 240 square foot cold room behind Brander Vineyards. The philosophy: return wine making to its previous form of production – handcrafted and personal. 

Margerum Wine Co. produces limited quantities of wines made from grapes grown both at their Estate Vineyard and grapes purchased from other top vineyards from in and around Santa Barbara County. The 18-acre Estate Vineyard is planted exclusively to Rhône grape varietals. The acreage is divided between limestone hillsides and gravelly alluvial flatlands along Alamo Pintado Creek. Margerum carefully selects the vineyards with meticulous attention to detail in all factors influencing the ultimate quality of the wines, including pruning, soil, climate, and farming methods. These top vineyards are from the cool, eastern end of the valley in Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara to the cold vineyards of Sta. Rita Hills towards the western end of the valley.

Doug’s unique background with retail wine sales, as the sommelier/owner of a Grand Award restaurant and as a wine maker made him sought out by a variety of wineries to assist in the formation of their brands.  Doug has consulted for Chêne Bleu super Rhône wines in France, and continues to consult for Happy Canyon Vineyards, and Robert Lieff’s Tipping Tree wines in the Los Olivos District, all in Santa Barbara County, as well as the Santa Barbara wines of Paradise Springs Winery based in Virginia.

past flights

April Flight of the Month - Spain & Portugal

This Tuesday at 6pm we have not one expert in the field, but TWO, including assistant winemaker for Portuguese winery Quinta da Pellada, Aydogan Cift 🇵🇹 and Head of Business Development for award winning importer Olé & Obrigado, Yassmin Dever 💃🏻

We will start with a meet and greet, enjoying a stunning glass of Brut Cava from UNESCO winery Casteller in Catalonia. Once seated, Yassmin will introduce two whites from Spain and Portugal including an albariño from Lagar de Pintos in Rías Baixas and a blend of indigenous Douro varietals from Maçanita in the Douro Valley.

Aydogan will round out our experience with two of his blends, both created with indigenous Dão varietals like Touriga Naçional. And without hesitation I can say that his DAC blend is one of the best wines I have had in the last year.

As always, our partners at St. Kilian’s are pairing a special board for you to enjoy alongside your flight.

3/20 through 4/7 - Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo, Puglia, Southern Italy

Three wineries, three territories, a single objective: producing wines capable of ‘telling’ the emotion of the South. There is a common thread that unites and runs through the three wineries that make up the identity and brand of Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo. A thread that feeds on the beauty of the chosen territories, on the traditions that have animated those places for centuries, on the landscapes that surround the production places recovered from their history. One white, three reds, four amazing wines.

3/05 through 3/19 - Dominico Clerico, Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

In 1976, Domenico Clerico began to not just grow grapes but produce Barolo from Monforte d’Alba. Today, he’s one of the most respected producers in the world, his wines are now a benchmark for Barolo. Never afraid to push or explore new ideas, Domenico started out with next to nothing and a desire to understand the unknown.

Domenico left us a great gift, a philosophy that spans time, between the tradition of a land that offers great emotions and innovation, the desire to continually improve.

March Flight of the Month - Holloran Vineyard Wines

Eve and Bill Holloran moved to the Portland area in 1999 and purchased a ‘heritage’ vineyard on Worden Hill Road in Dundee and a large parcel of land perfect for grape growing in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. When the harvest of 1999 fast approached, they needed a place to make wine, so the winery began in a converted horse barn located at their West Linn property in September 1999. giving Bill credit for the ‘garagiste’ movement in Oregon, blurring the lines between suburban and rural.) Their first harvest in 1999 produced 500 cases of Pinot noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay.

Mark La Gasse has been making wine at HVW since 2005, initially assisting Jay Somers, eventually becoming head winemaker after just a few years. His wines are made following Old World traditions. They do not strive for maximum extraction and ‘big’ flavors; rather they allow the unique characteristics of each vintage and vineyard to shine through, emphasizing purity of flavors. Bright acidity makes their wines ideal for pairing and complementing your meals.

They start with high quality farming techniques, using sustainable farming practices, including organic and biodynamic disciplines. They carefully manage crop loads to ensure optimal ripening. They are growers as well as a winery and believe that the character and excellence of their bottled wines is directly influenced by their sustainable farming, including organic and biodynamic practices.

February Flight of the Month - Baracchi Winery

Next Thursday 1/25 at 6pm we will have the honor of Benedetto Baracchi with @baracchiwinery in Cortona as our expert of the month!

I had the pleasure of meeting Benny last year at an event I attended and I knew then that he would be a PERFECT fit for Vin Rouge. He is funny and passionate about his family’s winery, but most of all he loves his Mama! Silvia [pictured in last photo] looks like she could be Benny’s little sister [sorry Benny, but you KNOW she looks stunning!!!] but most importantly after her family is her love for cooking. Silvia is a Michelin starred chef with too many accolades to share here so you’ll just have to come in next Thursday and ask Benny all about them and the numerous awards his wine has won.

We are pouring a fun list of wines for you including a sparkling rosé of Sangiovese, Chardonnay/Viognier blend, Sangiovese, and stunning Super Tuscan blend of Cab and Syrah alongside another beautiful Italian cheese board from @st.kilians

December Flight of the Month - Germany

Besides beer and our family in Stuttgart, three of our favorite things from Germany are the wine, food, and of course, the DACHSHUNDS! In honor of the most perfect dachshund of all time, this month we are showcasing the beautiful wines and food of Oliver’s mother land, Germany.

German wine is primarily produced in the west of Germany, along the river Rhine and its tributaries, with the oldest plantations going back to the Roman era. It is the eighth-largest wine-producing country in the world, of which white wine accounts for almost two thirds of the total production. As a wine country, Germany has a mixed reputation internationally, with some consumers on the export markets [like us!] associating Germany with the world's most elegant and aromatically pure white wines while most everyone else in the US see the country mainly as the source of cheap, mass-market semi-sweet wines thanks to our granny’s blue bottled Riesling.

The wines have historically been predominantly white, and the finest made from Riesling. Many wines have been sweet and low in alcohol, light and unoaked. Historically many of the wines, other than late harvest wines, were likely dry like trocken, as techniques to stop fermentation did not exist. Recently much more German white wine is being made in the dry style again. Much of the wine sold in Germany is dry, especially in restaurants, however, most exports are still of sweet wines, particularly to the traditional export markets such as the United States, the Netherlands and Great Britain, which are the leading export markets both in terms of volume and value. The most distinctive characteristic of German wines is the high level of acidity in them, caused both by the lesser ripeness in a northerly climate and by the selection of grapes such as Riesling, which retain acidity even at high ripeness levels.


November Flight of the Month -  Raúl Pérez, Bierzo, Castilla y León, Spain

Raúl Pérez Pereira is highly regarded as one of the world’s most visionary winemakers. He gained recognition for his winemaking skills and innovation from an early age. Born in Valtuille de Abajo, a village in the Bierzo region of Spain, Pérez comes from a family with a long history of winemaking. He produced his first vintage for his family’s winery in 1994 when he was just 22 years old, showcasing his talent and passion for the craft.

In 2005, Pérez decided to venture out on his own and established Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, a winery that quickly became renowned within the Bierzo appellation. Bierzo, located in northwestern Spain, is known for its distinctive and high-quality wines, particularly made from the Mencía grape variety. Pérez’s wines gained critical acclaim for their unmatched quality, capturing the essence of the Bierzo terroir.

Pérez’s winemaking approach is characterized by a deep respect for the land, a commitment to organic and sustainable practices, and a focus on expressing the unique qualities of each vineyard and grape variety. His wines are often described as terroir-driven, showing a sense of place and reflecting the distinct characteristics of the regions where the grapes are grown.

With his innovative techniques and dedication to quality, Raúl Pérez Pereira has significantly impacted the Spanish wine scene. His wines continue to be highly sought after by wine enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, cementing his reputation as a visionary winemaker.

And as always, we will have a beautiful @st.kilians charcuterie board to complete the experience so make sure you book your reservation before they get snatched up 😉

11/14 through 11/20 -  red wines for warmer weather

Just like hibernation, my body goes into a red wine state of mind with the clocks rolling back. The only problem is that it’s almost 70 degrees all week long! 😩 What’s a girl to do? Go straight for the chilled reds!

This week we are pouring some light, refreshing, easy-drinking reds like our light, but flavorful Grenache from @foldedhills in Santa Barbara, a beautiful fruit-forward Pinot Noir from our friends in Willamette @holloranvineyardwines and a Super Tuscan from @ilborrowines that defies stereotypes with its approachability.

And all of this for only $20pp so Club Members can definitely take advantage of their quarterly tasting!

October Flight of the Month -  Central & Southern Italy

This month, in honor of our expert of the month, Salvatore Ferragamo’s visit [event on 10/17 is sold out, sorry!], we are featuring 6 wines from 3 different wineries and regions throughout Central & Southern Italy.

The wine region of Abruzzo runs from the east coast on the Adriatic Sea to the center of Italy, not far from Rome. We are sampling some of @lunaria_wine Pecorino and Montepulciano.

The most southern region we are tasting from is the island of Sicilia. We are pouring a Grillo and Nero d’Avola from @bagliodellefate which are both very classic in their styles.

Finally, from Campania, which lies on the west coast between Sicily and Abruzzo, we are offering Greco and Aglianico from @dimeo_vini

As always, we are offering some delicious food from @st.kilians to accompany the wine but instead of a cheese pairing we are offering an Italian Charcuterie Board with 3 different cheeses, as well as a variety of accoutrements all from the region.

Just to clarify, this IS our Featured Flight of the Month starting today but we are NOT hosting our usual TWTE this evening.

10/24 through 10/31 -  trick or treat yo'self halloween candy and wine pairing

🎃🍷 It’s time again for our annual Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Self Halloween Candy & Wine Pairing!

Why should the kids have all the fun? Treat yourself to a delectable candy and wine pairing starting this Tuesday 10/24 through Halloween night.

From Wild Berry Skittles with a blood red Raboso Prosecco to Heath bar and Snickers with a white Rhône blend and Tempranillo, there’s a pairing for every palate. Cheers to a spooktacular evening of Hallowine self-indulgence! 🍷👻

September Flight of the Month -  Gamay with Yann Bertrand

I don’t think there’s a better producer of gamay alive. They are bright, fresh expressions of the different terroirs they are grown in, and showcase how versatile a grape Gamay really is.

For the month of September [if my allocation lasts that long! 😂], we are pouring four 2022 vintages from Fleurie and Morgon that will blow your mind. And if you’re a true gamay fan, you simply must join us next Tuesday, August 29th at 6pm for a one-night-only event that will include 2019 and 2021 vintages from my personal stash! That evening only we are pouring 4 additional wines you will not be able to get anywhere else in Colorado. 

9/25 through 10/1 -  sneak peak into the upcoming reserve menu 'pinots on pch'

Let's take a little drive along the coast of California on PCH. From Sonoma to Monterey to Santa Barbara, we are tasting some of the most beautiful Pinot Noir you'll ever experience, from some of the most coveted and respected producers in the world like Adam Lee, Dan Kosta, and Philippe Cambie. These aren't your typical lighter-bodied Cali Pinots either. They've got structure and grit, perfect to pair with a ribeye as opposed to duck [although they would be beautiful with that too!].

And to celebrate our new menu, we are once again lowering the price of these wines this week only. This means glasses and bottles are 30% off and the flight is $20 off for club members and $10 for all other guests.

9/19 through 9/25 -  sneak peak into the upcoming reserve menu 'prestigious Spanish AVAs'

This flight is stupid!!! I’m so excited to share these stunning beauties from España with you 🤤

This week we are featuring some absolutely incredible reserve wines, including a 2019 Albariño from Zarate in Rias Baxias that is bright and fresh, a 2016 Xarel-lo from @enric_soler in Penedes with lush mouthfeel, and a 2016 Tempranillo from @torremilanos in Rivera del Duero that will blow your mind and expectations.

These wines are incredibly popular and allocated [and sold out everywhere!] so we only have 3 bottles of each total. Make sure to stop in earlier than later, before we sell out too!

And to celebrate our new menu, we are once again lowering the price of these wines this week only. This means glasses and bottles are 30% off and the flight is $20 off for club members and $10 for all other guests.

9/12 through 9/18 -  sneak peak into the upcoming reserve menu 'prestigious French AVAs'

Ooh la la look what we are pouring for you this week! As part of the upcoming Reserve Menu list launch, we are sharing a few from the most prestigious AVAs in France this week for your enjoyment.

You’ll enjoy a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, Pinot from Santenay, and a GSM [Grenache/Syrah/Mourvédre] from one of the hottest 100-point winemakers in Rhône.

These wines are stunning and offer a wide range of flavor profiles and terroirs to sample. And to celebrate our new menu, we are once again lowering the price of these wines this week only. This means glasses and bottles are 30% off and the flight is $20 off for club members and $10 for all other guests.

9/6 through 9/12 -  sneak peak into the upcoming reserve menu 'pax wines'

We've been holding onto some beauties for the last 3+ years in anticipation of finally being able to launch our Reserve Wine List. The time is nearly here and to celebrate we are giving you a sneak peak into some of those wines. Each week we will feature 3-4 reserve wines exclusively on the upcoming menu and to celebrate, we will include an additional 30% off of glasses and bottles that are featured that week, and $20 off of flights for club members, $10 off for all others. 

This week we are kicking off with our favorite Sonoma producer, Pax Wines. We are enjoying that the mornings are cold these days, but with warm afternoons still so we thought it fitting to start with a stunning and zippy Vermentino, then move into a smooth and elegant Chenin Blanc, and finish with a silky, earthy Syrah as the night cools down.

August Flight of the Month -  Maison Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy

Maison Joseph Drouhin is rich with history and tradition. It is directed by the four great-grandchildren of Joseph Drouhin. They grew up in the vineyards and acquired a deep understanding of wine alongside their father, Robert Drouhin. They all have their own role and they share the same passion for wine. The fifth generation is also making its mark, with Laurène, the eldest daughter of Véronique, joining the House in 2020.

At the operational helm of the House from 1957 to 2003, Robert Drouhin played an essential role in its modern development. He significantly expanded the estate, particularly in Grand Crus, and added the acquisitions in Chablis in 1968, as well as the establishment of the Oregon estate alongside his daughter Véronique in 1987.

This Monday we are hosting their National Director of Sales for an evening of stunning Grand Cru Burgundies that represent a wide range of terroir, including Nuits-Saint-Georges, Côte de Beaune, and lesser known appellation, Aloxe-Corton. Join us at 6pm and to taste through some of the best vintages in recent history and get to know more about this wonderful family, their land, and their wines.

8/22 through 8/28 -  New Wine on the Block

Starting Tuesday, our featured flight of the week is a new series we are calling ‘New Wine on the Block’ that showcases some fun new wine we’ve added to the lineup. The first is a stunning Hungarian Sauvignon Blanc that is bright, fresh and a bit floral and a little weight. The next is a killer Verdeho from Ruedo, Spain. And finally, if you haven’t tried our new red Bordeaux from Cru Monplaisir, fair warning you’re going to be obsessed with this one. We hope to see you this week to try some of the newbies and that you love them as much as we do!!!

8/8 through 8/21 -  bubbles!

This week’s flight is bittersweet. We are inspired to celebrate our lovely Em’s recent accomplishments with a flight of gorgeous bubbles: we are first starting with bubbles from the Berlucchi family that literally created the first Franciacorta and set the standard for their DOCG in Lombardy, then a Sparkling Brut from multi-100-point winemaker, Marc Gagnon with State of Mind on the west coast, and a blood red Prosecco made by Paladin in Veneto from the gorgeous Raboso grape.

Make sure you come by this week to tell Em how much you 💗 her and how much you’ll 😢 her but that we 🥂🍾 her 😜

The flight is all week and Em will be pouring wine Thursday through Monday, with a little celebration on Tuesday 8/15 at 4pm

July Flight of the Month - State of Mind wines

July’s flight starts today and features State of Mind wines from Marc Gagnon [multiple 100pts including with Screaming Eagle] and Michael Kennedy [Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30]!

You’ll enjoy a Brut Sparkling from Sonoma County, riesling from Columbia Valley, and a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from famed LS vineyards in Eola-Amity Hills in Willamette Valley, named after Master Somm and Lingua Franca winemaker, Larry Stone. And for those joining us on the night of, you know we will be pouring some baller library wine! 😉

7/18 through 7/23 -  Oregon

Literally living our best life, and all roads always seem to lead back to Oregon for us. That’s why we are celebrating the entire state with our Oregon flight this week. But instead of showcasing the wines that will represent nearly every inch of their wine country, please meet the people that make the most beautiful wines you’ll ever have the pleasure of consuming.

Please meet Dionne, Doug, and Brian from @irvinerobertsvineyards whom I met back in March for Rogue Valley Somm Camp. If there is one thing I took back from that trip, it was their friendship. And who the hell would have thought that Rogue is producing Chablis-quality wines???

And then there’s Earl with @holloranvineyardwines who has become not just a friend…he is family and if you’ve ever visited the tasting room and told him you were from CO, you quickly found out why he is so beloved by everyone at Vin Rouge. Any Pinot from La Chenaie needs to be in my FACE!

You may or may not know, but a career-long dream came true for me last month when I was invited to take part in Oregon Pinot Camp. The relationships made will last a lifetime. I was definitely starstruck with a couple of introductions, but none more so than meeting Mark with @stinnocentwine and Jason Lett, whose father David planted the first vine in Willamette. Could I be smiling any bigger??? I actually have tears welling up in my eyes revisiting these pics 😭

And then a post about Oregon wouldn’t be complete without sharing one of the man that has supported my dreams and taken me to the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. This picture was taken almost 8 years ago when he surprised me with a tasting by a creek in what seemed like the middle of nowhere at @redlilyvineyards on our honeymoon. He supports my need to visit Oregon at least yearly, if not more, and shares a love of this beautiful state and its beautiful people. Happy early Anniversary my love 😚

We love you Oregon! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

7/11 through 7/17- ‘It’s too hot to drink reds, so let’s drink French rosé’ flight

Join us this week for a beautifully and dreamy French rosé flight featuring a Grolleau blend from Dom. des Hauts Baigneaux in Loire, a Sciaccarello blend from Clos Signadore on the island of Corsica, and Pinot Noir from Dom. Philippe Gilbert, who is also in Loire.

So if this nearly 100* weather is too much for your AC, come quench your thirst with some rosé at Vin Rouge and enjoy our 70* environment.

June Flight of the Month - Eastern European Wines via Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia

The wines of Croatia have become increasingly popular in the last decade, but they have been made here for centuries. Croatia recently joined the EU in 2013 and has become a tourist hotspot due to its sunny weather and friendly locals. Vineyards scale the Dalmatian Coast and its islands up to Istria in the north and inland near the capital, Zagreb. Hvar Island [A UNESCO Site and home to the oldest still-operating vineyard in the world, Stari Grad Plain] and Pelješac Peninsula are the centers of quality wine production in Croatia.

Home to more than 22 wine regions spanning almost 160,000 acres of vineyards, Hungary was once one of the most prominent wine-producing regions in all of Europe. In the 1880s, the region was unfortunately hit hard by phylloxera, and then years of war followed, ultimately devastating the wine industry. However, around the late 1980s, Hungary became a democratic republic and prioritized winemaking in the Aszú region of Tokaj. Home to Hungary’s crown jewel white dessert wine, Tokaji is made from the Furmint grape.

Slovenia gives us nine wonderful grape producing districts, within three main regions located on the eastern and western sides of the land. These wine regions spread out to the borders and touch upon the neighboring countries of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. A total of 33,000 hectares of vineyards, 30,000 grape producers with 2,300 growers that are registered to make their own wines/labels to sell.

6/27 through 7/3 - Italian Whites

This week we are enjoying an uninterrupted few days without rain so we thought a flight of white Italian wines would be perfect! 🤌🏻

You’ll enjoy a bright Arneis from @marchesiincisawines a fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio from @murigries.winery and supple Friulano from @petrussa_wines

Instead of reaching for your lemonade, come quench your thirst at Vin Rouge!

6/20 through 6/26 - Love Win[e]s

This week we are celebrating Pride Month with a rainbow of wine. You'll start with a White Rhône Blend from Maz Caz in Rhône, enjoy a Vermentino Amber from Troon Vineyards in Rogue Valley, Oregon, endulge in a Grenache/Mourvèdre Rosé from Stolpman Vineyards in Santa Barbara, and finish with a fresh and fruity Beaujolais-Villages Gamay from famous French producer, Maison Joseph Drouhin. So come in and celebrate love with wine at Vin Rouge!

6/13 through 6/19 - Stolpman Vineyards

Over 20 years ago, Founding Partner, Tom Stolpman, discovered what they believe to be one of the greatest viticultural sites on earth. Hidden in the hills of California’s Central Coast, on a rare Limestone outcropping & unobstructed from the Pacific Ocean wind, this unique land is naturally suited to grow Syrah and Roussanne grapes. They are committed to preserving this natural environment for their vines through conscious farming, dry farming, & sustainable employment. In the winery, they prefer native fermentation & minimal manipulation. Dedicated to sensible farming & winemaking, they believe that they can create vibrant, site-specific wines, with a focus unique to Ballard Canyon AVA, California.

At Stolpman it’s all about the vineyard - which is why it is paramount to employ a highly skilled full-time work-force, La Cuadrilla. They take care of them, and they take the most precise care of their vines. In an era when the wine industry is moving towards mechanization, Stolpman Vineyards has gone the opposite direction. Vines are only touched by the hands of La Cuadrilla, no tractors. They spare no effort in meticulous pruning cuts, vine training, and adjustments.

The vineyard is planted to give a strategically long harvest from early ripening Sauvignon Blanc and Trousseau - through a variety of different Syrah farming techniques - to the late ripening Grenache, Mourvedre, and finally - Roussanne.  Spreading out harvest to almost 3 months allows them to ponder each picking decision, always with the goal to nail the combination of bright fresh energy and decadent, coating ripeness.  They make multiple harvest passes in a single row, picking only the visually ripe fruit and allowing other bunches a few more days to hang on the vine.

With La Cuadrilla’s tenderly-loved fruit coming into the winery, they can allow grapes to ferment with a gentle guiding hand. They favor naked fermentation with no inoculation, sulfur, or other additions. In many cases they choose not to crush the grapes or they leave bunches whole – aiming for light, nuanced extraction. Fruit destined for red wine is foot trod and gently circulated to avoid coarse obstructive notes.

5/30 through 6/4 - Viticcio in Tuscany

Viticcio has been making wine since 1964 among the rolling green hills of Tuscan wine country in Greve in Chianti, between Florence and Siena.

The winery’s vinicultural production began with the desire to capture and embody the potential of Chianti Classico, and it wasn’t long before Viticcio wines became renowned for their true and high quality expression of the Tuscan terroir. Since then, the winery has grown to encompass 120 hectares of estate-owned land among the hills of Chianti Classico and Maremma and it now produces wines from all three of these prestigious territories.

Thousands of years of history lay behind the production of this zone. Grapes have been transformed into wine since the Ancient Etruscans occupied these hills over 2000 years ago.

May Flight of the Month - Biodynamic farming with Troon Vineyards, Rogue Valley, OR

Two worlds are coming together for our May Tasting with the Expert. My trip to Rogue Valley last month introduced me to a vineyard that I kept hearing so much about lately due to their organic, biodynamic farming practices. Most recently, Troon Vineyard was the second vineyard in the world to receive the Gold Regenerative Organic Certification and the first wine to receive the prestigious award [which I may or may not have smuggled a couple of bottles for you to try]. Visiting the farm, touring their facilities, meeting the people and the working animals was so impactful I had to bring them back to you and share the experience firsthand.

We are lucky to not only have their winemakers Nate and/or Hannah join us virtually from Oregon, but also Garett, their Director of Agriculture, who deserves the credit for moving @troonwines and Rogue Valley into the future. Often overlooked, Rogue wines are finally getting the recognition they deserve for the beautiful berries the farmers produce because of the respect they show their land. I could go on and on but I’ll save something for them to talk about too 😉

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a [cleverly named] Pet tanNat. Then we will enjoy a wine and cheese pairing from St Kilian’s, starting with an amphora aged Vermentino from the Kubli Bench Vineyard and a more traditional white Rhône blend called Druid’s Fluid as well as their red Druid’s Fluid Rhône blend. We are going to finish with the most luxurious Tannat, which I had mostly only tried in blends before but Rogue Valley is producing something special with that varietal all on its own.

5/23 through 5/29 - White Burgundy

Not Your Grandma’s Chardonnay is the flight of the week this week. At least not MY grandma 😝

This week, in honor of #InternationalChardonnayDay we are bringing you to Burgundy 🤤 We are pouring two Chablis, including a PREMIERE CRU from @domaine_47n_3e as well as a Côte de Beaune from @davidmoreau_santenay

While one of these wines is currently on our menu, the other two are very special and will only be available through this flight, and eventually on our upcoming Reserve Menu.
With all of the new schedule changes it can be confusing as to when our flights run so in an effort to stay simple, flights begin on Tuesday still and run through the following Monday. We will continue to kick our monthly flight off on the first Tuesday [or sometimes last depending on where it falls on the calendar]. If you have any questions, feel free to message us here or call the bar after 3pm daily.

5/16 through 5/21 - Pinot Three Ways

Pinot Grigio is being celebrated this week worldwide, and since it is thought to be a mutant clone of Pinot Noir, we thought it would be fun to try Pinot Three Ways! The first tasting will be a Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige, followed by a Rosé from Loire, and finished with an Oregon Pinot Noir. Check out more details in the Flight of the Week link above.

5/9 through 5/14 - Sunday Brunch

The flight of the week also doubles as ANOTHER huge announcement for Vin Rouge…Sunday Brunch!!!
That’s right! Starting this Sunday we will be flexing our hours and opening at 12pm for a new brunch menu with new food and libations.
The flight this week will include 3 different cava cocktails off the new menu including a pêches bellini, kir royale, and spagliato. We are also going to include an item off the new menu which is our charcuterie version of ‘eggs & bacon’…deviled eggs and speck.

April Flight of the Month - Silas Wines

Tasting with the Expert alert - Oregon edition 🤤 Ok ok, I know we all know my obsession with Oregon wine. It’s just so damn good! Tuesday 4/4 at 6pm, we are welcoming winery owner and winemaker for @silas.wines Alex Clark, who will guide us on a journey through biodynamics and what that means, especially in relation to his wines.

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a glass of Alex’s extremely rare riesling sekt and enjoy a little meet-and-greet with the legend himself.

Once seated we will make our way through an amazing lineup starting with a 2016 Pinot Blanc [be sure to ask Alex why the current release is actually a vintage older than the last one!], followed by a 2014 Pinot Noir ‘The Pearl’, 2015 Pinot Noir ‘Ladd’s Edition’, and finished with his 2015 Malbec ‘The Optimist’. In addition to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Alex and drink his wines, you will also receive a beautiful cheese pairing procured specially by @st.kilians

Alex, we are so humbled that you are coming back from Willamette just for this event!!! Thank you for being a steward of wine and biodynamics 🙏🏻 We can’t wait to raise a glass of sekt with you. And it’s a freaking root day on 4/4…your Pinots SING on a root day 💃🏻

4/25 through 4/30 - Malbec Three Ways

The flight this week is one for the books.

I’ve been waiting forever to share this very limited flight. The time is now.

Through a vertical of Syrahs from famed Syrah producer Dom. René Rostaing, we are going to taste how the 2015, 2017, and 2019 vintages in Languedoc compare to each other. What makes one year acceptable but another year exceptional even though they were all produced from the same vines and same winemaker in the same facility, all aged exactly the same? Whether you are building your cellar or want to know if a bottle is ready to drink yet, utilizing a Vintage Chart can help you make those decisions by summarizing the quality and character of the wines from a particular region in a specific year. It can be so confusing and overwhelming to keep track of but this tool makes it easy!

This tasting is EXTREMELY limited so you may want to move your babysitter to Tuesday this week and make a reservation now!

4/18 through 4/23 - Malbec Three Ways

Being that yesterday was #MalbecWorldDay we of course had to make this week’s Flight of the Week align.

We are pouring make three ways: rosé, domestic with minimal intervention [ie not an oak bomb], and traditional Argentinian style.

4/11 through 4/16 - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is the Flight of the week 💕
I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I crave rosé something fierce.
So this week we are scratching the itch and pouring a Canaiuolo from Tuscany, a Sciaccarello from Corsica, and Touriga Nacional from one of my favorite Cali wineries, Arnot-Roberts.
#DrinkPink #RoséAllDay

3/28 through 4/2 - Women in Wine Part IV, Em's Faves

There’s one last week in March [what the heck???] so we had to finish Women’s History Month with our newest member, Em. If you’ve met her, you know her laughter and kindness are infectious but so is her thirst for knowledge. We are featuring her current faves on the menu, including a new Rhône White from Maz Caz [female winemaker!], dry Rosé of Sangiovese from Tuscan producer il Palazzo, and gorgeously juicy Morgon Gamay from Louis Claude Desvignes. So come in this week and say hi to Em and the rest of the bad bish ladies at Vin Rouge! 💪🏼💃🏻

‘My name is Em and I'm so excited to share my favorite wines with you this week! My passion for wine stems from a love of learning. During the pandemic, while I was finishing my undergraduate degree in political science, my family and I watched some wine documentaries and I was hooked. I love how wine is a never-ending rabbit hole of information. The field of wine covers geography, politics, history, storytelling, chemistry, and the senses... you will never run out of things to learn!
When I'm not at Vin Rouge, I am either at home studying for my MBA or out on a rock wall, monkeying around with my friends. I also love finding new restaurants and bars to enjoy. I haven't lived in CO for very long, so I'm always open to recommendations from the neighborhood!’

March Flight of the Month - Domaine de la Solitude, Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Châteauneuf-du-Pape was the very first French wine appellation; created in 1936, and sits towards the bottom of the Rhône Valley, close to the border of Provence. The name means ‘Pope’s new castle,’ and refers to a time when the seat of the Roman Catholic Church was in Avignon [between 1309–137]). Châteauneuf-du-Pape is one of 19 official crus or ‘growths’ of the Côtes du Rhône wine region. These 19 crus represent Côtes du Rhône’s top wine-growing zones. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is considered by most to be the benchmark of the Southern Rhône and includes five communes: Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Courhézon, Orange, Bédarrides, and Sorgues [ordered from largest to smallest].

On Tuesday 2/28, our Tasting With The Expert series is hosted by owner of Domaine de la Solitude, Florent Lançon [reservations are now closed]. The Lançon family descend directly from the 12th Century Barberini family of Rome, including Maffeo Barberini who was a papal nuncio, or diplomatic representative, in Paris from 1604 to 1606, and was made Pope in Rome under the name Pope Urban VIII. The Domaine de la Solitude estate is on the western edge of La Crau Plateau, one of the most notable areas in the region. This raised area is home to some of the region’s most famous Châteaux and it is marked by round stones over iron-rich red clays left during the Villafranchian Age [in between the Ice Age and Pliocene Epoch – around 1–3 million years ago]. 

3/21 through 3/26 - Women in Wine Part III

She’s baaaaack! And so it’s still all about the ladies this week because @19mellsomm96 picked out her new faves we added while she was harvesting @ripponvineyard in New Zealand. So of course she had to include their Sauvignon Blanc 🐑

Always a fan of @hautsbaigneuxlestetes wines, she also had to include our new Cab Franc/Gamay/Grolleau blend [we also brought in a rosé of Grolleau from them that she doesn’t know about yet 🤫].

The last she chose to include is an incredible Sangiovese from one of our favorite Montalcino producers @le_ragnaie

Come welcome Mell back this week and enjoy a beautiful array of wines hand-selected by our certified somm, and for only 20 bucks 🤯 [don’t forget to say hi to Em and Anna too 😜]

3/14 through 3/19 - Women in Wine Part II

Our flight of the week continues to celebrate women with one of the most respected female-owned and operated wineries, @domaineweinbach

Anyone who knows me and my palate, knows white wines from Alsace are my fay-voh-rit 🤤 and this winery tops the list of best on the planet for me because of their delicate structure supported by strong character, and perfectly balanced acid with silky mouthfeel. I’ve been holding onto these beauties for the perfect occasion and I can’t think of a better time then now to share them.

We are offering a #sylvaner #pinotblanc and #riesling from their collection. And no…this riesling isn’t anything like what your grandmother drank in the blue bottle. The residual sugar is undetectable…nothing but ripping acid to make your lips pucker baby!

3/7 through 3/12 - Women in Wine

Let’s recognize all the badass bitches this week! In honor of women’s history month, we are focusing on three insanely talented women winemakers this week.

From @lulumtzojeda we are showcasing her @brumavinicola Blanc de Noir Carignan from Valle de Guadalupe. Lulu is Mexican born and raised but went to Bordeaux at 18 to study French, but quickly realized she was born to make wine and has been turning tradition on its head ever since.

Anne Collard has been best known as partner with her husband Francois in their winery @mourguesdugres but always wanted to have vines in Côtes du Rhône and in 2019 she got her wish when she bought 30 hectares in Comps, a CDR Villages. Her red blend is complex but smooth, aromatic and bold.

Finally, from Sicily, we are diving into our reserve collection to bring out a Frappato from highly-coveted winemaker @ariannaocchipinti 🙌🏻 This wine is extremely allocated, and we’ve been sitting on it for just the right occasion…women!

We are so excited to be able to share these beauties with you so grab your best girl and swing by to enjoy a glass or three as we celebrate us and how awesome we are.

February Flight of the Month - Bien Nacido Vineyard, Santa Barbara

Every February, the month of love, I like to pay homage to my wine roots in Santa Barbara. This year is a STUNNING collection that focuses on what might be the most famous, award-winning domestic vineyard, Bien Nacido. Nothing less than 90+ points ever comes out of these vines if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on their grapes.

Join us this Tuesday with our guest expert, Scott Hornick of CS Wines, as he walks us through 3 side-by-sides of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah, which is my personal favorite Central Coast varietal.

We will discuss what makes this vineyard so unique and why the best wine makers in the world want BNV on their label. It is the perfect study of a single vineyard through the eyes and palates and brains of some of California’s best winemakers. We will review the differences in style between @foxenwines Chardonnay and @theojaivineyard, Pinot from @foxenwines and @augustwestwine, and for one night only, Syrah from @theojaivineyard and @paullatowines 🙌🏻🫶🏻

2/21 through 2/28 - Frerejean Frères Champagne

Pop-up #TastingWithTheExpert this Tuesday 2/21 at 6pm!!!

We are welcoming Jean-Francois with a variety of his delicious beverages and fun pairings!

This is a really special night because with this event we are launching a new round of vermouth cocktails alongside premier and grand cru champagne from @champagnefrerejeanfreres [who is part of the famed Taittenger champagne family], as well as some new champagne cocktails.

We are also excited to share that we are reintroducing caviar to our menu to pair with the champagne and a special treat of foie gras pâté 🤤

2/14 through 2/21 - A Week of Love

We are celebrating love this week with an experience for all senses. We will start with 2 full glasses of either Cremant or the #1 and 2 rated Proseccos in the world, accompanied by an indulgent 3 course food pairings for 2 including Truffle Popcorn, Caviar flight, and trio of Chocolate Truffles. If your love language is gift giving, then spoil your sweetie, or yourself, with this extravagant [but financially approachable!] tasting!

2/7 through 2/12 - Anna's Favorite Things

Meet Anna, our brilliant and charismatic winetender with a heart [and locks] of gold. This week she is sharing her favorite wines and her story with you. She’s lived 1,000 lifetimes in her short time on 🌏 so come in this week and let her tell you more about her adventures while she pours you a few of the wines she’s loving right now.

In her words, ‘I fell in love with wine early in life. I had a once in a life time opportunity to tour the Cricova, a Historic wine-making facility with over 120 kilometers of underground caves. Cavern after cavern filled to the ceiling with bottles of wines; and an amazing tour guide going through the history and impact wine had of the Soviet Union.

My initial career path and education was in biochemical sciences. My two passions clicked together after learning about the science behind wine making. I’m now pursing a career in wine, with the hopes of one day have my own vines and making my own wine.’

January Flight of the Month - il Borro Winery, Tuscany, Italy

We have something EXTRA special to share with you this month. @ilborrowines will be joining us in person next Tuesday 1/17 @ 6pm to discuss their delicious Tuscan wines and the vineyard that sits within the small medieval village they own about an hour south of Florence. It was founded by the @ferragamo family of fashion fame nearly 30 years ago and is operated by Salvatore’s children to this day.

While we are offering four of their standard wines throughout the month, for one night only we will also have 2 of their most prestigious Sangioveses, one aged in amphora and the other in French oak. Despite officially announcing for the first time today, we are nearly sold out for this event because we’ve been excitedly sharing it at the bar, so you’re definitely going to need to reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to get a res on OpenTable, please reach out to us so we can add you to the waitlist just in case we have any cancellations.

We are so excited, it’s like our birthday, anniversary and Christmas Eve all rolled into one!!! Thank you to Brittany and Aaron @estatebrands for bringing this incredible opportunity to Vin Rouge!!!

12/27 through 12/30 - Cava Cocktails

Join us this week for cava cocktails…our favorite drink this time of year!

We are starting with the ‘Bloom’ aperitif rosé from local producer @drinkatost, then segueing into our own take on a classic champagne cocktail with the vanilla rose petal cocktail sugar cube from our friends @theflouwerco and then finishing the flight out with a sweeter elderflower.

Flights this week are only $15 so if you’re a club member and haven’t taken advantage of your quarterly flight, make sure you stop in.

It’s also Mell’s last week for a few months as she expands her wings and helps our friends @ripponvineyard in New Zealand with their harvest.

We have a few spots available for New Years Eve and the line up is insane this year with some premier cru champagnes 🥂

12/20 through 12/24 - Cuvelier Los Andes - EXTENDED THROUGH END OF DECEMBER

On this week’s episode of ‘How Do We Get Through This Colorado Cold Spell’…Malbec 🙌🏻

From French-born, Argentinian-producer @cuvelierlosandes we have Malbec three ways this holiday week. We have a 100% Malbec rosé [truth be told…it was my first and so remarkable!] and two Malbec-dominate Bordeaux blends, including their 95 point Grand Vin.

Kill two birds with one palate…come enjoy this exclusive flight and buy last-minute gifts like an annual club membership, bottle of wine, or jewelry for her stocking!

December Flight of the Month SOLD OUT - Germany

It’s Oliver’s [aka Nugget, aka @ollie_ollie_dachshundfree ] first birthday and you know our little prince wants to celebrate in style. In honor of his German heritage, we are going to open some super rare beauties from famed and esteemed German winemakers @lauerwine @kellerdalsheim @enderlemoll and @emrichschoenleber
This Tasting with the Expert will be lead by our dear friend @francescakersh but will also include a special guest 😉😉AND catering by my German grandmother’s favorite @helga.s_german_restaurant so if you’re ready to celebrate another milestone with us, make your 6pm reservation for next Tuesday 12/6 and be ready to have some fun!

12/13 through 12/18 - Perez Barquero Sherry

What is more belly-warming and lip-licking on a snowy day than a beautiful taste of sherry? How about THREE tastes of sherry?! This week we are featuring 3 different styles of the Pedro Ximénez varietal from famed Spanish producer @perezbarquerobodegas And these bottles make the PERFECT gift this holiday season so stop in, warm your belly, lick your lips, cross off some peeps on the naughty list, and everybody wins!

November Flight of the Month - Sass Winery in Salem, OR

Tasting With The Expert alert!

On Tuesday 11/1, famed winemaker from the Willamette Valley, Jerry Sass, will be joining us virtually to discuss his wines from @sasswinery, his history, and our beloved Oregon wine country. And he’s sharing his precious time with us during the most grueling time of year for him…harvest! [Thank you Jerry 🙌🏻]

We selected these beautiful wines for our November flight of the month for many reasons…Jerry is an absolute legend in his WV circle and helped put this region on the map, the wines are expressive, aromatic, and elegant, and because they are all PERFECT to pair with your Thanksgiving feast!

11/29 through 12/4 - Cabernet Franc

Meanwhile, this week at Vin Rouge 🤤 Cabernet Franc 🙌🏻🍷

Stop in this week for a tasting of three VERY different styles of the Franc. We are pouring a New World style from @owenroewinery in WA, an incredibly approachable Bordeaux blend with Merlot from the right bank in St-Emilion [one of my faves right now and my palate can’t usually handle the tannins from this region], and a stunningly traditional example from one of the most famed producers in Chinon, @olgaraffault 🍇

Cab Franc is loved for its savory, bell pepper-like flavors, medium-high acidity and mouthwatering taste. [Check out the second slide for more deets]

It is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, but buds and ripens at least a week earlier. This trait allows the vine to thrive in slightly cooler climates than Cab Sauv, such as the Loire Valley. In Bordeaux, plantings of Cabernet Franc are treated as an ‘insurance policy’ against inclement weather close to harvest that may damage plantings of Cab Sauv.

Washington Cab Franc is distinctive for its fruit forward style with blueberry and raspberry fruit. The characteristic vegetal notes are toned down in this region, with the wines tending to show more notes of ground coffee and olives.

11/15 through 11/20 - Beaujolais & Pie Pairing

11/8 through 11/13 - Folded Hills Winery, Santa Barbara, CA

October Flight of the Month - Rippon Vineyards in Lake Otago, New Zealand

New Zealand is so high on my bucket list to visit and the views at @ripponvineyard only validate this desire. Lush rolling hills filled with grapevines overlook the bluest of lakes created by glaciers millions of years ago.

On Tuesday, 10/4 at 6pm, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Colorado native, Leslie Johnston virtually in NZ via Zoom [and our dear friend Tracy from Natural Wine Co in person] to discuss the winery and wines while we enjoy the most unique vegetal Sauvignon Blanc, a Gewürtztraminer with honeysuckle on the nose and lemon zest on the palate, and a mature vine Pinot Noir that received 98pts for its intense yet refined tannins and earthy characteristics. And on this night ONLY, we also have a few bottles of their highly-acclaimed Tinker’s Field Pinot with a dark fruit, savory palate that also received 98pts.

As always this tasting will also include a special cheese pairing from our favorite mongers at @st.kilians 🧀🤤

We only have a few seats left. Link to book is in our bio 👆🏻

10/25 through 10/30 - Annual Trick or Treat Yo'Self Wine & Halloween Candy Pairing

Trick or Treat Yo’self Wine and Halloween Candy pairing! This is for all you parents that steal your kids candy and need inspiration for what to pair it with after they go to bed 😉

This year we are featuring a New Zealand Sauv Blanc from Scott Base with Albanese Green Apple Gummy Bears, a Rosé from Austrian winemaker with Watermelon Pop Rocks, and a classic pairing of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with a Paso Zin from @castorocellars 🤤

Happy Hallow-wiener! 👻

10/18 through 10/23 - Fresh, bright Italian Wines

As some of you may know by now, a small group of us have been taking a @winescholarguild class in the hopes of becoming scholars of Italian wine. I personally wanted to do this because Italy has always been the most intimidating to me since it’s the region[s] I knew the least about. I usually don’t like to offer the same style of wine or region in a flight too close together but I’m genuinely so excited to continue to share more of my favorites with you this week [Alto Adige, Sangiovese, and Schiava] because it seems as if you’ve enjoyed this journey with me as well 😊
Alto Adige is an autonomous area in the Northeast that is heavily influenced by their Eastern European neighbors to the north, especially Germany. Reductions in yields in the vineyard and the virtuous skills of the winemakers make Alto Adige’s white wines the undisputed peak of quality in Italy. The crispy, fresh characteristic of the wines are simply radiant due to their mineral-rich acidity and intense aromas.
It wouldn’t be a Tuscan wine if it didn’t have Sangiovese in it, the number 1 planted grape in Italy and especially Tuscany. Used to make stunningly bold Brunellos and Chiantis, the freshness of the varietal also lends itself to making bright and gorgeous Rosato too, perfect for pairing with food.
Schiava [aka Trollinger or Vernatsch] - whatever you know it by, know I had never heard of any of them before this class 😝 but I’m in love. Another varietal heavily influenced by Germany, it is characterized by moderate acidity and tends to produce light bodied wines with fruity strawberry and subtle smokey notes. To me, they’re reminiscent of fresh Beaujolais or the unoaked Tempranillo we’ve been obsessing over lately. All of these are my favorite styles of red to drink during the fall, before it really starts getting cold.

10/11 through 10/16 - Prosecco from Veneto

In honor of #WorldChampagneDay we are serving up some bubbles this week but with our own little spin on it. We are pouring 3 very different Proseccos from the wine region of Veneto which is on the Northeast side of Italy.
From the oldest certified organic and biodynamic vineyards in the region, we are pouring a #Glera brut and a #Rosé blend of Glera/Pinot Noir, both of which made the coveted Best of 2021 list from @wineenthusiast
The final wine is Sparkling Red from @paladin_vigne_e_vini that is reminiscent of a dry Lambrusco 🤤

September Flight of the Month - Finca Torremilanos

Friends! You NEED to come to this Expert Tasting in September!!! Vicente, one of @torremilanos partners, is coming in from Ribero del Duero to show off these insanely delicious Spanish wines including a Cava, blend of Tempranillo and Merlot and two 100% Tempranillos both of which are the best I’ve ever had. I’m so freaking excited for this one 💃🏻 🍷
Also, for those of you that don’t know yet, Mellanie is off to Oregon for harvest so WEDNESDAY will be your last chance to say goodbye. She will be back for the holidays but you know we aren’t going to send her off without a fun party with her favorite peeps 😉

9/27 through 10/2 - Sandhi/Mercury Retrograde

Feeling like mercury is effing with us all this week, especially biodynamicly [insert Ross and Monica banging of fists gif here] so I’m leaning towards an indulgent[ish] line of wines from @sandhiwines
All week we will have a very classic Santa Barbara Wine Region #Chardonnay from 2019 and #PinotNoir from 2018 BUT on Thursday, the only flower day ALL WEEK 😤 you will also be able to add a tasting or glass of 2017 and 2020 Pinot, which are both from my personal collection and I only have a single bottle of each left🤤🍷 #EffMercuryRetrograde

9/20 through 9/25 - Northern Italy

The flight this coming week is definitely a narcissistic choice 😝 A group of us are going for our Northern Italian Wine Scholar certification so I thought…wine not share some of the wines we are studying about with you! We will start with an #Arneis from Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta in Roero, then on to a #Trebbiano rosé blend from Pasqua in Veneto, and finally finish with a #Nebbiolo from Elvio Tintero in Langhe. It’s the perfect flight for a week that is going to boomerang from summer to fall and back to summer again ☀️🍁☀️

9/13 through 9/18 - International Grenache Day

It’s #InternationalGrenacheDay this week so of course we had to feature 3 from around the world including a #GarnachaBlanca from Spain, #GSM [Grenache/Syrah/Mouvèdre] rosé from Rhône and a GSM from Santa Barbara.

August Flight of the Month - Gamay from Domaine Bonnet-Cotton

It’s time to talk about our August Tasting with the Expert series…Gamay from Burgundy 🤤 Not only are we going to enjoy four of some of the best Gamay on the planet, we are going to do a deep dive, enjoying from one producer @bonnetcotton so we can really analyze the qualities of the Burgundy terroir and winemaking-style and see if you prefer Brouilly or Beaujolais, pink or yellow granite, etc.

After working for a short stint as a motorcycle mechanic, in 2014, Pierre Cotton reclaimed one hectare of Côte de Brouilly from his family to make his first cuvée called ‘100% Cotton.’ His partner, Marine Bonnet officially joined the domaine in 2020, resulting in the domaine’s name change to Bonnet-Cotton and a genius collaboration.

8/30 through 9/3 - Schödl Family, Austrian Wine

My goodness this flight is fuuuuuuun!!! These Austrian beauties from Schödl include a bright, refreshing Grüner Veltliner/Scheurebe blend, a citrusy paloma style rosé, and a light, red varietal called St. Laurent that will make your mouth sing. The tasting starts on Tuesday and runs through Saturday [don’t forget we will be closed this Sunday and next] so make your reservation on OpenTable today! Link is in our bio 

8/23 through 8/28 - International Red Wine Day

🍷 In honor of #InternationalRedWineDay on Sunday, we are featuring some light and refreshing beauties from around the world. We will start with a #Garnacha #Cariñena blend from Spain, followed by a #PinotNoir from our favorite Dundee Hills producer @holloranvineyardwines and finish with a stunning dry #Nebbiolo from Piedmont.

8/16 through 8/21 - Rhône Wine Region

Seven years ago Tuesday, Jarrett and I became Mr. and Mrs. This week we were inspired by our honeymoon and are sharing some beautiful Rhône wines with you.
We will start you off with a beautiful Rolle blend, pale in color but bright and citrusy on the palate. Next you’ll enjoy a rosé of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault that is dry but juicy red fruit. Rounding out the flight is a classic red blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah that has a little funk on the nose [my fave! 🤤] but is juicy and bright on the palate. À votre santé! 🥂

8/9 through 8/14 - Ann Morgan Art Show

Inspired by the beautiful colors in Ann’s artwork, we’ve compiled an equally beautiful selection of wines to sip and enjoy while you stare endlessly into the brushstrokes of this series. While ‘1982’ and ‘Off the Air’ will be on display at Vin Rouge through October, you can also see some of her other pieces locally at the First Friday Artwalk at Dairy Block on September 2nd. And if you happen to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 15th, check out my favorite piece, Melted Tree, at the international art competition, ArtPrize.

July Flight of the Month - South America

South America is ticking all the boxes for us right now. Our next Tasting with the Expert is THIS Tuesday because of the holiday, so join us at 6pm to try some really cool wines from Chile and Argentina with Bret from @empiredistributorsinccolorado paired with some amazing cheeses from @st.kilians
We will taste two different styles of #SauvignonBlanc a #CriollaChica which is a light red varietal, and as promised for a couple of club members #Carmenère 🍷💃🏻 And if you’re a club member, we are also toasting you with a complimentary tasting of sparkling rosé of Pinot Noir from Argentina🥂
Reservations are limited, so click the link in our bio to secure your seats!

7/26 through 7/31 - Obscure Varietals

Next week we are bringing back our Obscure Varietal tasting, the white and refreshing edition for these hot days. From a French #Aligoté to a Rioja #Viura [aka #Macabeo] and a Piedmont #Erbaluce there’s something new and exciting to learn about and find a new favorite for your next dinner party! 

7/19 through 7/24 - Eastern Europe

We are enjoying some new and fun Eastern European wines this week that you are going to loooooove 😍 We have a white blend with #Pošip and #Bogdanuša from Croatia, an #OrangeWine [yes you heard that right 😝] from Bosnia, and a #PinotNoir from Serbia. They’re all super refreshing and light too so these 🔥 wines are perfect these hot nights right now! And how GORGEOUS are these labels???

7/12 through 7/17 - Fresh, Crisp White Wines

It’s soooo hot! 🥵 What better way to cool down than with some crisp, fresh whites from around the world?? Starting Tuesday, we are going to be sipping on a #trebbiano blend from Italy, as well an old vine #semillon from No Cal, and #albariño blend from Portugal. And the A/C is set to 70 so come cool down with us! 🥶

7/5 through 7/10 - Red, White & Blue Fruit

Happy 4th!!! We are celebrating with our annual “Red, White, and Blue Fruit Flight”. Tuesday 7/5 through Sunday 7/10 we are sipping on some refreshing whites and reds, including a new Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from Scott Base, a blueberry-forward [but NOT sweet] Perricone and a red-fruited Pinot Noir from infamous Willamette Valley winemaker, Ken Wright. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! 🇺🇸💥

6/21 through 6/26 - Rosé

This week we are letting YOU pick the wine in your flight 🌹 From dry and earthy, to bright and fruity, still or sparkling, we’ve got your pink fantasies covered. But if you’re more #brosé than #rosé and are willing to try but don’t know where to start, we are here to help guide you down the right path of pink for your palate. Come give it a swirl!

June Flight of the Month - The Origins of Wine

Next week, on Tuesday, May 31st at 6pm, our favorite and extremely knowledgeable expert Jessica, with Grand Vin, will share three gorgeous and exciting wines from around the world that will help us learn the very long history of wine.

She will taste us on a #Furmint from Hungary, a country that can trace its wine back to the days of the Romans, an #Assyrtiko from Greece that has been making wine from as early as 4000 BC and an #Areni from Armenia that can trace its roots to 6000 BC 😵‍💫

Without spoiling too much, just trust that this is going to be a really special flight so make sure to reserve your spot in the link in our bio 👆🏻

And as always, there will be a fantastic cheese pairing from our partners at @st.kilians 🤤🧀

6/14 through 6/19 - 2nd Anniversary with Berlucchi Italian Sparkling Wines

Pop-up Tasting With The Expert alert!!!
Happy Anniversary to us! For our 2nd anniversary we are celebrating with bubbles [obvi!] from @berlucchiwine all week but on Wednesday at 6pm we will have Leonardo all the way from Franciacorta, Italy to help us celebrate with 3 different examples of their #methodechampenoise 🥂 If this is anything like our last pop-up Italian winemaker tasting, these spots will go fast so make your res asap [link is in our bio 👆🏻] And a cheese pairing from @st.kilians too!

6/7 through 6/12 - A Few of Jenn's Favorite Things

It's my turn to showcase a few of my favorite things! This week I am showing off my go to's when I want to put a smile on my [and your] face...some of which are only found in my personal collection.

Bubbles are my NUMBER ONE go to, especially when I can't decide what I'm in the mood for...or when I'm enjoying something salty...or something sweet...or literally anything else in between, so when in doubt, always have bubbles on hand. The rosé of pinot noir from Domaine Allimont-Laugner is a fantastic partner to the 'Passion Pit' truffle from our friends at Temper Chocolates in the Denver Central Market.

From my personal cellar, I'm sharing a Rabigato from Pormenor. It's a beautiful balance of acid and round mouthfeel, with floral notes reminiscent of a Rhône style blend but from Douro, Portugal. It's been one of my faves since we first opened and will continue to have a special place in my heart. We are pairing this with a vegan chocolate called 'Betty White' that is a coconut creme caramel in a dark chocolate shell.

Lastly...oh my of the absolute best cabernet francs I've ever had in my entire life [and I've def had my fair share]. From esteemed wine maker, David O'Reilly, this Owen Roe velvetty yum yum with pepper on the nose will change your life. If you've ever asked me what my favorite wine is, you know I dodge that question so I can find what your mood is...unless I have this wine on my brain. But if you ask me what my favorite sweets are I will never hesitate to tell you gummy bears or salted caramel. Temper Chocolates doesn't make gummies [yet....let me see what I can do about that, though] but they make the most amazing Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt with Caramal center called 'Black Betty' that is was made for this wine.

You're welcome. Thank me later. Happy Birthday to me. And next week? Happy Birthday to Vin Rouge!!! So even though this flight exceeds the quarterly comp flight, we are going to allow Club Members to cash that in upon request because we wouldn't be in year two if it wasn't for you! I love June!!!!

May Flight of the Month - Pax Wines...What is a natural wine?

What constitutes a natural wine? It's not the same as the trendy Pet-Nat's, although, they do have some overlapping areas.

While there technically aren’t any rules or regulations that currently exist, it generally means wines that are produced without pesticides, no additives, and small scale [which typically equals no hangover 🥴💃🏻] But there’s SO much more to it and Tracy with @naturalwinecolorado [appropriatly named partner for this flight, dontcha think??] is going to walk us through it this Tuesday, May 3rd at 6pm with a collection from @PaxWines.

The mostly Sonoma County lineup includes a Chenin Blanc from Lyman Ranch, a Vermentino from Lodi, and two Syrahs, one from Fenaughty Vineyard and the other from Hillsides, because what else do you serve to honor the “King of Syrah?”

You will always walk away from one of Tracy’s tastings knowing so much more than you walked in with so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

5/24 through 5/29 - Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta Winery

5/17 through 5/22 - Obscure Varietals 

The obscure varietal flight is back! This week we are featuring a #Vermentino from Italy, #TourigaNacional from Portugal, and #Mataro [aka #Mourvedre ] from California 🤤 Not only is this flight delicious, it is an opportunity to try something new that you may otherwise overlook because you’re unfamiliar with it. So get courageous, jump out of your comfort zone, and join us this week for this tasty trio! 

5/10 through 5/15 - Sauvignon Blanc

This week, in honor of #InternationalSauvignonBlancDay and this gorgeous weather, we are showcasing three different refreshing styles from three different countries. @beckmenvineyards in Santa Barbara, @marytaylorwine imported from Bordeaux with a hint of Semillon and River Sail from Marlborough, NZ.

April Flight of the Month - The Battle of Burgundy

This coming Tuesday 4/5 at 6pm our Tasting with the Expert series will pit two styles of #chablis and two styles of #pinot against each other to help us understand how different wine making styles effect the final product we drink.

One of our favorite wine experts, @francescakersh with @anvilwine will walk us through how the aging process in tank vs oak changes the flavor profile of two premier cru chablis from the same exact parcel. And then we will learn how stem inclusion effects flavor, alcohol, acidity, etc. by tasting two very different burgundian pinots. It’s a great lesson on why we never say we love or hate a certain varietal, but the style itself.

And what’s better than wine? A wine and cheese pairing of course! Our friends and partners at @st.kilians selected some BEAUTIFUL cheeses this month that we can’t wait to enjoy with you! 🤤 🧀

4/25 through 4/30 - Nueva España

How cool are these vine holes??

This week’s flight focuses on new Spanish wines, including the Malvasia Volcanica indigenous to the island of Lanzarote that was covered in 3-5 meters of volcanic ash from 1730-1736. As a result, the vintners must dig deeper than the top layer in order to find the fertile soil below.

We are also pouring a cool Hondarrabi Zuri Txakolian Rosé from @rezabaltxakoli and a Garnacha from two of the coolest Spanish winemakers on the planet, Fer Garcia and Daniel Jiménez-Landi 😎

4/19 through 4/24 - Cava

This Saturday is #InternationalCavaDay so all week long we are showing off our delicious #CavaCocktails in our featured flight of the week 🤤

Straight from the spring garden, you’ll enjoy three different floral concoctions: #Elderflower #Wildflower and #RoseBloom and all for only $15! This means our #ClubMembers can take advantage of their complimentary quarterly tastings too 🥂🍾

4/12 through 4/17 - Happy Easter Week!

Struggling to find wines that will satisfy every palate on Sunday? No worries because we have a beautiful flight this week with a white, rosé and red to satisfy everyone [especially you if you want to sneak one in while you’re “grocery shopping” ahem ahem 😉]

So swing by any day this week, whether it’s for bottles with your ham dinner, or because you need to get out of the house, and we will cover your bunny buns 🐰

March Flight of the Month - Owen Roe

An ode to the Ides of March and the sacrifice of the grapes made at the hands of the winemaker. From famed PNW winemaker and Irish-born, David O’Reilly, we bring you Owen Roe 🙌🏻 Everything O'Reilly touches has to be the best. It is almost an obsession with him. From huge, gorgeous wines to hand-numbered bottles and objects of art gracing his labels, O'Reilly spends the money for a total package. He is a legend in winemaking, dedicated to sourcing fruit from only the highest quality vineyards in Yakima and Willamette Valley…and we have the luck of serving some of his best.
We are showcasing his ‘Ex Umbris’ Syrah with 92 points from James Suckling, stunning silky-smooth Cabernet Franc, and Merlot/Cab Sauv dominant Bordeaux blend.

3/29 through 4/3 - Lunaria Biodynamic, Organic, Natural from Abruzzo, Italy

We brought in some beauties for you this week! Biodynamic and organic and deliciously fun! @lunaria_wine is serving us a #Pecorino [and nope! It’s a white wine, not 🧀 ] a #PinotGrigioRose a #MontepulcianoDAbruzzo and #Primitivo [aka #Zinfandel].
When I first tried these I was impressed with their packaging first, but when we opened these beauties and drank them 🤯 And then when we saw how affordable they were it was a no-brainer…we had to bring them in and share with you too.
They’ll be featured today through Sunday but I wouldn’t doubt there will be protests if we don’t keep them on the menu after that 😝

3/22 through 3/27 - Spring Whites from Importer Mary Taylor

The buds are breaking 🌱 Spring is here🌷It’s the perfect week to enjoy a beautiful set of whites from importer @marytaylorwine 🤤
This week our flight features some commonly, and not so commonly known, French whites. The first is a Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine, a Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, and a Côtes du Gascogny from Southern France that is predominantly Colombard which is closely related to Chenin.
And it’s only $14pp so Club Members, it’s your last opportunity to take advantage of your complimentary quarterly tasting.

3/15 through 3/20 - Rocks of Bawn

Named for a traditional Irish folk song, Rocks of Bawn is another delicious label from Owen Roe founder, [and Willamette Valley legend 🙌🏻], David O’Reilly.
In addition to pouring his @owenroewinery reds all month long, this week we are pouring Willamette Valley Rocks of Bawn’s ‘19 Sauvignon Blanc, ‘18 Pinot Noir from Yamhill-Carlton, and ‘18 Cabernet Sauvignon form Columbia Valley for only $17 per person 🤤
Erin go Bragh ☘️
Ireland till the end of time 💚

3/8 through 3/13 - Holloran 'La Chenaie Vineyard' Vertical

Oh friends. If you know…you know. Holloran 🙏🏻🙌🏻
You may or may not know that the PNW has gone through a few brutal seasons of ravaging fires and as a result the real beauties will be hard to come by for awhile. We managed to get our hands on the last few bottles in Colorado of Pinot Noir from our favorite Willamette winery, @holloranvineyardwines, from their Eola Amity vineyard, La Chanaie.
This week we feast on a vertical from 2014-2016 so that we can understand the impact Mother Nature has from year to year and learn why the same bottle of wine from the same vineyard might have a different cost from year to year💃🏻🍷

February Flight of the Month - I Left My Heart In Santa Barbara

February is the month of hearts, and in honor of that, our monthly tasting is a tribute to my roots and appropriately named “I Left My Heart In Santa Barbara” ♥️
Since it’s SB, I had to go all out and we have not one, not two, but THREE winemakers from three OG wineries that made SB wine country what it is today, and they’re joining us via zoom 💃🏻🕺🏻
AND we have not three, not four, but SIX wines on our flight for only $50 [until they sell out and some likely will] 😍
We are pouring a Sauvignon Blanc and GSM from Beckmen Vineyards, award-winning Pinot and Syrah from Melville Estate Winery, and from the man who taught me [almost] everything I know about wine, a Malbec blend and Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Artiste Winery.

2/22 through 2/27 - Fireside Flight

This week is inspired by the amount of freaking snow we are about to get and where I’d like to be all week…in front of the dang fireplace with a glass [or two] of red 😆 #FiresideFlight 🔥🍷

2/15 through 2/20 - International Syrah Day

Dang we had so much fun @blackbellyco celebrating Valentine’s Day, I almost forgot tomorrow is #InternationalSyrahDay 🍷
So let’s raise a glass [or three!] to this beautiful Rhône varietal this week 🤤 We will taste a French version from Bastide, and two US versions that are drastically different from each other, including a 2008 from @arcadian_winery and an oak aged @klinkerbrick 😍 Come help us celebrate all week long with these belly warmers!

2/8 through 2/13 - Bouquet of Rosés 

Can you believe it’s Valentine’s Day already??
In celebration of all things ❤️, our flight this week is our annual Bouquet of Rosés 🌹and we’ve partnered with our friends @temperdenver in RiNo to pair three bee-you-tee-full truffles with your wine. Pick any 3 wines for $12pp, 4 wines for $16pp, or all 5 for only $20…and each flight includes a complimentary chocolate truffle! 🤤
Whether it’s Valentine’s or Galentine’s, we are the perfect place to celebrate, so make your reservation now on OpenTable ❣️
[Please note we have a private party on Saturday evening so we are only accepting new reservations up to 5pm that day.]

December/January Flight of the Month - Baja California, Mexico

Feliz Navidad! Join us this Tuesday 11/30 from 6-8pm for our Mexican wine tasting with the Expert series. Our expert this month is dear friend of Vin Rouge, Jessica with Grand Vin, who is going to showcase these beautiful Baja wines that are ⚡️ I always say the only rule in Mexican wine, is there are no rules, and these wines are no exception. We will sample a Blanc de Noir Carignan, a Tempranillo/Grenache/Mourvèdre/Nebbiolo blend, a Tempranillo/Cab Sauv/Merlot blend, and a more traditional Sauvignon Blanc. So come join us for one of the most exciting tastings we’ve ever hosted on Tuesday, or any day in December. Seating is limited so make sure to make your reservation on our website or on OpenTable and note “TASTING” in the notes. And as always the tasting on Tuesday will include a special pairing of cheeses from our friends at @st.kilians 🤤

1/25 through 1/30 - Obscure Varietals 

We’re back and ready to try new wines!
This week’s flight is one of our favorites because it takes the fear out of wine menus and gets you out of your normal routine of ordering what you know you like [we all love a good Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir too 😉].
Have you ever tried Picpoul? Godello? Nero d’Avola? Garnaxta? You may have and not realized because you tried their twin from another country and didn’t realize they are one in the same. Come in this week and gain some confidence, knowledge, and FOUR delicious wines for under $20 💃🏻

Flight of the Week - 🎶 These are a few of our favorite things 🎶 Part deux ✌🏻

Meet our newest family member, Mellanie. Mellanie’s love of wine began years ago, culminating with her bachelors degree in Global Wine Studies from MSU and is currently working towards her CMS certification. She just returned from a 2 month wine harvest in Oregon where she realized her dream one day is to become a wine maker there.

This week’s flight was handpicked by Melanie. The first of her many favorite wines is a Cremant d’Alsace Rosé of Pinot Noir from Domaine Allimont-Laugner. Mellanie loves bubbles made in the traditional méthode champenoise, delicate and determined, and for it's ability to pair with any food. Second is an Oregon Pinot Noir from @lenneestate in Yamhill-Carlton in the Willamette Valley, an AVA that is known for its fruit forwardness, balanced with a strong amount of mushroom and earth. The Bordeaux Blend from Monte Bernardi is the final wine in this trilogy, chosen so because of its darker hue and refreshing acidity, with notes of blackberry and vanilla.

Make sure you stop in and enjoy these three stunning wines from around the world that will be featured through the rest of the month! And keep your eyes on our feed this week for some last minute gift ideas 😍

12/14 through 12/19 - 🎶 These are a few of our favorite things 🎶 

Meet Lauren, our newest wine lover behind the bar! Lauren is awaiting the results of her WSET Level Three test and taking her Court of Master Sommelier certification in the spring, so we asked her to take a minute now she’s got some “free time” to create a new flight of the week of her favorites at Vin Rouge. If you saw how many she narrowed it down to, you’d realize this was no easy task for her 😉
Come on in tonight to meet Lauren and find out what makes @emrichschoenleber #Weissburgunder, Poggio delle Robinie’s #ValpolicellaRipasso and @vina.cobos Felino #Malbec so special to her and us! It is thanks to you that we were able to welcome her to the Vin Rouge family!

12/7 through 12/12 - Fortified Wine

Is there anything better than a delicious aperitif or digestif to warm your belly during the holidays? No. No there’s not. This week we partnered with @estatebrands to bring you these delicious belly warmers…
Comoz Blanc Vermouth de Chambéry from C. Comez, famous for their clean, light and floral style.
Château de Saü Rivesaltes Rancio’s oxidative Grenache Gris is the last in existence due to the unfortunate passing of their winemaker a few years back. These wines are barrel aged for about two decades before they are ready to release, making this 2000 vintage a true stunner and smooth as hell.
And the final gem in this tasting is a domestic ice wine from Kiona in Washington. Chenin Blanc was chosen for its robust acidity and tropical fruit notes to help balance out the sugars.
These wines are extremely limited so make sure to stop by early in the week and ensure you not only taste them, but also buy a bottle or two for someone on your holiday shopping list that appreciates a memorable warm belly experience 🤤

11/16 through 11/21 - Thanksgiving Wine & Pie 🦃

This week we are providing you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving feast and all those yummy leftovers.

Our favorite wine expert, Tracy with @naturalwinecolorado is pouring some truly exceptional wine that will wow your friends and family and pair perfect with every dish next week and our friend and Tennyson neighbor Elias, owner of @coloradocherrycompany is pairing some sweet AND savory pies for you to enjoy with them 🤤 

November Flight of the Month - Sandlands Vineyards, CA

Sandlands is the personal project of Tegan and Olivia Passalacqua. They source their fruit from different vineyards throughout California that all have one thing in common…old vines grown in sandy decomposed granite.

The 2018 Chenin Blanc hails from Amador County due East of Sacramento. Akin to a rich 1er white Burgundy, the palate evokes lemon curd, peach, golden apple, pear, citrus balanced with a rounded mouthfeel. We were only able to get our hands on 7 bottles of the 4 barrels produced so this wine will be available by request only.

The 2019 Cinsault is extra special, produced from 133 year old vines planted in 1886 in Lodi 😳 Light and delicate with beautiful red berries on the palate alongside violet, pomegranate, lavender, granitic and loamy finish. Only 4 barrels produced.

The 2018 Mataro [aka Mourvèdre] was plucked from nearly 100 year old vines in San Benito between San Fran and Santa Barbara. Medium to full bodied with bright acidity and good depth, it is meaty on the palate, with concentrated red-fruit flavors as well as blood orange, anise and an earthy mix of fresh and cooked berries.

Rounding out the flight is their 2019 blend with equal parts Zinfandel, Cinsault and Carignane from three different vineyards in Lodi. It has aromas of black cherry, apricot, black tea, and violets. The palate has similar flavors with an added layer of licorice and leather. It has granular tannins, nice acid and a smooth finish.

As always the monthly flight will be paired with perfectly selected cheeses from @st.kilians and sweets from @minimepastry 🤤 and the Expert experience on Tuesday will be led by wine expert @timothymorrissy from 6-8pm so hold your spot on OpenTable now!

11/9 through 11/14 - Beaujolais 

November is #Beaujolais month and we brought in some bright juicy beauties to share with you 😍🍷💃🏻
We thought it would be the perfect flight to reintroduce our sweet and savory duck rillette dish too so lots of deliciousness is coming your way tomorrow 🤤 🦆

10/26 through 10/31 - Trick or Treat Yo'self Hallowine Pairing

Trick or Treat Yo’self is baaaaaaack!
Come enjoy a fun pairing this week with yummy wines and #Halloweenie candy.
This year we are pairing an Oregon Chardonnay with Heath bars, a California Vin Gris Rosé with Swedish Fish and an Italian Barbera d’Asti with Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups 🤤

October Flight of the Month - Australian winery, Brash Higgins

We have another #TastingWithTheExpert series on the barbie 🐨 kicking off Tuesday the 5th at 6pm. @denverwineguide [aka Franchesca/Chess with @anvilwine] will showcase these insanely cool wines [wtf is #Zibibbo 😵‍💫] from @brashhiggins in the McLaren Vale wine region in Southern Australia. They literally sell out the second they hit the market so make sure you make your reservation right meow because it was a small miracle I was able to get them this time around!

And with the changing of the monthly wine flight also comes the changing of the cheese pairings from our partners at @st.kilians on 32nd and Lowell. It also means a new dessert pairing from Kate at @minimepastry 🤤

10/19 through 10/24 - Gucci Tucci Italian Flight

From cult favorite @ariannaocchipinti featured on the first season of @stanleytucci CNN show, we were lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to bring not one, but ✌🏻 of Arriana’s labels 💃🏻 Occhipinti, now 36, has been making wine in Sicily’s southeastern Vittoria since she was 22 years old. And nearly since the beginning, her wines, made from indigenous grapes like #frappato and #zibibbo, have had a following around the world.

Luckily we were also able to get our hands on a few bottles of a really beautiful dry Lambrusco from @idolomitici, a group of ten Trentino-Alto Adige winemakers united to support the preservation and production of endangered local grape varieties. There are only TWENTY hectares of this grape left in the region, i.e. anywhere!

And to round out the tasting…simply the best #marsala you’ll ever have the pleasure of drinking 🤤 @marcodebartoli is credited with saving the good name of Marsala wines. Once revered by Kings and Queens, Marsala has come to be associated as cheap cooking wine. Instead of growing cheaper, higher-yielding grapes like most other winemakers, Marco De Bartoli made the hardest choice, focusing on Grillo: this variety is low-yielding and not so easy to grow, but it has natural advantages such as good level of acidity and high sugars content. The name of Marco De Bartoli has become legendary and his production techniques, innovative but drawn from tradition, have become a standard throughout the territory.

10/12 through 10/17 - Study of Bordeaux Blend

I love waking up to these beautiful fall mornings. The slight chill is what inspired this week’s study of Bordeaux Blend 🍷

Cocodrilo has become one of our staples from famed winemaker, @paulhobbswines @vina.cobos in Mendoza, Argentina. This blend is 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Malbec, 8% Cabernet Franc, 3% Syrah, 3% Merlot. It is aged for 14 months in new French oak (15% new), second and third use French oak (85%). It is unfined and unfiltered leaving all of the beautiful aromas and flavors for us to drool over.

Château de Cugat in Bordeaux, France is a blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, from very low-yielding, old hillside vines facing Pomerol, and with the same gravelly soil. Aged primarily in tank with a few barrel-lots thrown into the blend.

Tzingarella from Monte Bernardi in Tuscany, Italy is a blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 5% Colorino [obscure black-skinned varietal used for blending to add color and tannins].
This medium-bodied wine is packed with fruit that is richly complex and smooth. It’s tannins, acidity and cherry soul are unmistakably Tuscan with the added character of fresh cassis, blackberries and minerality characteristic of Bordeaux. Aged in oak for 18 months in Barriques and Tonneaux barrels.

9/14 through 9/19 - Study of Pinot Gris

Pinot gris is grown around the globe with the "spicy" full-bodied Alsatian and lighter-bodied, more acidic Italian styles being most widely recognized. This week we are going to study the Alsatian style, often duplicated in New World wine regions such as Marlborough, Tasmania, South Australia, Washington, Oregon and South Africa tend to have moderate to low acidity, higher alcohol levels and an almost "oily" texture that contributes to the full-bodied nature of the wine. The flavors can range from ripe tropical fruit notes of melon and mango to some botrytis-influenced flavors.

September Flight of the Month - Barlow Vineyards, Napa CA

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Willamette posts to 1] welcome you back tomorrow and 2] to introduce you to our featured tasting of the month. Barlow Vineyards is a 3rd generation run winery in beautiful Napa Valley and their wines are equally as beautiful. We are offering FOUR wines in this flight that include a Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot [this wine will make you take back every mean thing you ever said about #Merlot!], a Bordeaux Blend, and a 2014 [yes, you read that right…2014! 🤤] Cabernet Sauvignon. All four pours are less than $40pp too 💃🏻 This month we are incredibly lucky to welcome 3rd generation Zach Barlow Smith on Tuesday the 14th at 6pm! He’s coming all this way from Napa for you so hurry up and book so he knows how much we appreciate him 😉

8/10 through 8/15 - OREGON!

Getting super dreamy about our vacation in #WillametteValley next week!!! So let’s get a head start and enjoy the hell outta these amazing finds. There’s so much awesomeness we couldn’t decide so we are letting you be in charge of your flight. You’ll get to select anywhere from three to six wines and we will charge you according to what you pick.
We will have an Alsatian ‘noble’ blend [give Jenn any kind of white from Alsace and you’ll be her new best friend!!!] from @willfulwine made with Pinot gris, gewürztraminer, and riesling and super refreshing…perfect for this hot a$$ weather!
@swickjoe is representing bright and fruit forward chardonnays that have minimal, if any, intervention…and they’re sooooooo fun! @wyeastvineyards has been rocking the classic OR Chardonnay [old world vs the CA bomb] for decades and their fruit is so highly sought after that they are only able to produce a couple hundred cases for themselves [we’ve got a connection, don’t worry 😉].
The next is a bit out our norm but was so effing delicious we couldn’t resist! @marignywines made the most delicious unfiltered carbonically macerated rosé of Pinot gris [yup…grey skinned white wine varietal that’s macerated so it’s stunningly pink!]
Old & Cold, High & Dry, Wood & Wild is how @teutonicwines describes their Alpine-style wines and this Pinot noir will have you running for the mountains! Their wines are highly revered and allocated so get yoself in here right meow before they’re gone [🤫 we might drink them all ourselves if you don’t help us 🤤]
And last but DEFINITELY not least is @lenneestate 🙌🏻 This is one of the wineries we are MOST excited to visit. The struggle they suffered the first few years after planting is real but it made their wines EXACTLY what they are supposed to be now. Small clusters and yields from their self-proclaimed poor soils have produced such unique and mouthwatering Pinots because the energy isn’t wasted in the canopies…it’s focused to the high-quality fruit. Quality not quantity!
If you’ve actually taken the time to get to the bottom of this message, I applaud you because I have a tendency to geek out on the details…20% off if you geek out too 😉

July/August Flight of the Month - Vin Frâiche with Marc Gagnon

This. Is. Big. 🙌🏻

From famed winemaker, Marc Gagnon [think multiple 100 point wines while with Screaming Eagle and Bryant Family Estates!], we humbly bring you @vinfraiche as our featured flight of the month.

Michael Kennedy, who is equally famous within our community [think Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30!] created the Vin Fraîche Wine Group in 2018, after launching three distinct wineries in Napa Valley, Bordeaux and Oregon. In 2020 an additional winery was acquired to the group in Tuscany, Italy.

And now we get to share a distinct label from each winery with you this month! From @componentwine we are pouring their Napa Valley 2018 Semillon - light, bright, stone fruity acid, and in VERY limited numbers their just-released 2020 Semillon from vines planted three years after the Civil War ended 😳🤯 We are pairing this with Le Charmoix cow’s milk cheese from Belgium and an Oregon Blue Macaron with Raw Honeycomb.

Next we are offering one of the best wines I’ve ever had in my entire life, @stateofmindwines 2016 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 🤤🍷 [and there might be a treat of 2017 samplings if you’re nice 😉] We are pairing this with Papillon Tomme de Brebis sheep’s milk cheese from France and a Cracked Black Pepper Macaron with Prosciutto and Brie Buttercream.

Finally, we are finishing with their newly acquired vineyard @lacacciavino and their Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese/Cab Sauv/Petit Verdot. A true food pairing wine, this gets better and better with each sip and bite. We are pairing this stunner with Piave Vecchio Oro cow’s milk from Italy and a Caprese Macaron with Sundried Tomato, Basil Shell and Mascarpone Buttercream with Balsamic Glaze.

We only have a few spots left for our expert tasting tonight with Monica Dunbar so call us to get in! It’s only $75pp for the wine flight, cheese, and savory macaron pairing experience 😳 💃🏻

6/15 through 6/27 - Brosé!

In honor of all of those manly dads that are also comfortable embracing their pink side, we bring you a #brosé flight this week from around the world!

Whether you like fruit-forward, or prefer a more subtle approach, we’ve got you covered this 🔥 week with a Touriga Nacional/Touriga Franca blend from @anetowines in Douro, Portugal, a Mourvèdre from @railsbackfreres in Santa Ynez Valley, CA, and a Grenache from @piekenierskloofwine in South Africa.

Come beat the heat and kick back in our 70 degree air conditioned bar 🥶 while enjoying all of these refreshing thirst-quenching beauties for $15pp!

June Flight of the Month - South Africa

Do you know that the South Africa wine region is nearly 400 years old?? Unfortunately, the grapes produced were of poor quality until the 1990’s and the region’s wines developed a horrible reputation. At this time in history, the archaic system of apartheid was ended, and international winemakers from respected regions such as France, Spain and California began to flock to this area to share their techniques and heighten the quality of these wines. Now beautiful grapes such as Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinotage, a varietal created from Pinot Noir and Hermitage [aka Cinsault] in 1925 to survive the hot climate of South Africa, are thriving.

If you’d like to learn more about South African wines join us all month long from June 1st through the 27th, for a Chenin Blanc and Grenache Rosé from Avondale Wines and a gorgeous Pinotage from Longridge Wine Estates.

As with every Featured Flight of the Month, we will have an expert tasting and that means this month we will be joined by South Afrikaner, Giles Thomas, owner of Baobab Wines, on Tuesday, June 8th from 5:30-7:30pm [we are skipping the first Tuesday due to the holiday this week but will still have all of the wines available beginning on the 1st].

And don’t forget to add on a cheese pairing from local gourmet cheese shop St. Kilian’s and a macaron pairing from Happy Bake Shop, both just a couple of doors down from each other on 32nd and Lowell!

5/25 through 5/30 - Pormenor in Portugal

This week we are highlighting @pormenorvinhos and their 2018 Reserva Branco #Rabigato alongside their 2019 #Tinta Roriz #Rosé

Pormenor Vinhos was only recently conceptualized in #Douro in 2013 by three friends following a dream but are sourced from established vines 50-100 years old.
Come in and enjoy these thirst-quenchers this week for only $19pp!

Also...check out the new @kinsleyarmelle pieces we just got in!!! I lurrrrrv to drunk shop!!!

5/11 through 5/23 - Obscure Varietals

Italy is the next inspiration for our Obscure Varietal series!
In addition to our @holloranvineyardwines featured flight of the month, this week we will be tasting through a rainbow of wines with a #Garganega #Montepulciano and #Lacrima 🤤
Come to the wine bar today through Sunday to find out which of these “obscure” varietals is your new fave!

May Flight of the Month - Holloran Vineyards in Willamette

If you know me, you know my OBSESSION with @holloranvineyardwines ‘15 Pinot Noir from #DundeeHills 😍🙌🏻🍷

Can you believe that we will have the honor of not only featuring four of their other STUNNING wines, but will also have Bill Holloran HIMSELF joining us virtually on Tuesday, 5/4 from 6-7:30/8 to kick off the featured flight of the month?!!! 💃🏻

Bill will walk us through his journey of creating one of the most beautiful wineries in #WillametteValley as well as an extraordinary flight of #Tempranillo #Riesling and a 2013 AND 2014 #PinotNoir sourced from two different vineyards...a flight that you will find NOWHERE else.

This month we are also partnering with our neighbors @st.kilians to bring you the perfect cheese pairing because as Bill says about his wine “the focus is on growing high-acid, food-friendly wines that accompany the meal, they aren’t trying to ‘be the meal’.” 🤤

April Flight of the Month - French Wine, Cheese, Caviar, and Macaron Pairing!

Look at all of the new wines popping up in the Vin Rouge garden 😍🤤🌹

The tasting of the month is with French wine expert, Francesca with @anvilwine and she didn’t disappoint!!
We’ve brought in some incredible beauties to pair with some incredible foodies:
@etiennecalsac #Champagne perfectly paired with a bump of #caviar
@domainefjb bone dry, citrusy #Sylvaner from #Alsace with a triple cream firm #Brie cheese
@domainegiacometti #Patrimonio from Corsica with #Ossau #Iraty cheese
And a #CrozesHermitage from my favorite #Syrah producer @juliencecillon 🤤 with the King of cheeses, #Beaufort
And don’t forget the custom pairing of macarons from our favorite Berkeley bakery @happybakeshopdenver

While the wines will be available all month [or until these highly allocated wines sell out], Francesca will only be with us from 5-7pm tonight so make your reservation on our website or call us at 720-502-2131 and see if we can squeeze you in 😉

**SOLD OUT** March Flight of the Month - Once and Future

Once and Future Wine Company is a return to the original vision Joel Peterson had decades ago with Ravenswood when he brought Zinfandel to America.

Since he sold his share in Ravenswood, O&F has become a project that is near and dear to his original vision and specializes in wines from special vineyards made with a sensitivity to place and in a style that he personally loves and believes in. Wines that force him to dust off the old redwood vats and get out a new punch down tool (his original is in the Smithsonian), wines that dye his hands that harvest shade of black/purple and sometimes force him to take an additional Advil some mornings. In short...wines of sweat, exertion, and love. And he only makes about 200 cases of each!!!!

To say this tasting is special would be an understatement. I don’t even know how to express how honored we are to share these with you. There will be a tasting with our local expert Tracy from @natlwineco on Tuesday with a start time between 5-7pm, but we will continue to feature these wines all month long with a cheese and macaron pairing until we sell out.

3/30 through 4/4 - Château Mourgues de Grès

Château Mourgues de Grès is a family estate in the south of the #Rhône nestled between vineyards and orchards, at the foot of Costières de Nîmes. The minerality of the terroir is the signature of the wines of this estate, giving it originality and balance. This label is called #Galets which translates to “The Pebbles”, an homage to their stony soil called “grès” that was sculpted by the moraine of the Rhône River. There are three colors in this series: Dorés, Rosés, and Rouges like the colors of the stones under the sun.

3/23 through 3/29 - Malbec

A study of #malbec is this week’s flight theme 😍 More ❄️ equals more 🍷 in our book!

3/16 through 3/21 - Obscure Varietals

Ever wonder what those weird varietals you’ve never heard of taste like but too afraid to take a chance on them? Well this week we are going to take the fear out of the unknown. We are tasting through two os#obscure white varietals and two #oscuro reds from Spain; #Godello is light and slightly aromatic similar to Chenin Blanc, #Albilla has bright and acidic notes like a Sauvignon Blanc, #Mencia is dark and violet like Cab Franc, and #Graciano most resembles Petit Verdot, another color-rich, flavor-packed, red wine variety prized for its role in blends and only rarely conifers alone. All four tastings are only $15pp and will be available today through Sunday [or until we run dry] so make sure you go to our website to book your reservation now.

2/23 through 2/28Burgundy

Our favorite Burgundian expert, Jess from @grandvincolorado, is joining us again on Tuesday from 5-7pm for an in-depth exploration of this bar-setting [and bar-raising] wine region.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste through 3 Burgundy wines, or upgrade for a little bit more to 5, depending on how deep you want to go.

This is a 2 part series that will take place the final week of February [in other words, starting tomorrow 🤟🏻] and the first week of April [4/6 unless we have a scheduling conflict] so make sure to get in while you can because reservations are very limited. You can find available times on our website via the link in our bio, on google, or OpenTable.

We will continue to run the tasting the rest of the week but you will only have access to Jess’ brain tomorrow so get in while you can because her tastings book up fast!
🏃🏻‍♀️💨 🍷💃🏻

2/16 through 2/21Portugal

Who wants to go to Portugal this week??!! 🙋🏻‍♀️💃🏻🍷
This week we have a new wine expert @carrot_tim with @stelviowines who will be tasting us on the vinhos deliciosos from Portugal and sharing his expertise on this amazing wine-producing country 🤤
First on the flight is a 2018 Pormenor’s Reserva Branco from Doura. A wood-aged wine with an attractive oxidative character, the wine is fruity while also being structured. Its mineral edge is typical of the Douro, bringing out the edge from the schist soil. The wine has a final burst of juicy acidity, both refreshing and zesty.
Also from Douro, is a Tinta Barroca from Muxagat. This wine is a new and different view of Douro wines. Light red in colour, this wine is fresh, young and cheeky but keeping the complexity of Douro soils. With cherry, raspberry and roses aromas, it’s an easy drinking wine with a velvet long mouth with fresh fruit and spicy aromas.
Finally, the 2018 Pretexto Red Blend from the Dāo wine region has been fermented in stainless steel tanks with 30% whole bunch, followed by 30 days cuvaison. Relatively unknown in the US, varietals Jaen, Alfrocheiro and Tinta Roriz were co-fermented with Touriga Nacional and final blend aged in seasoned french oak vat (5.000L) and barrels for 11 months, resulting in an elegant and somewhat rustic wine, with delicate aromas, more a fruity character, deep red cherry in the nose, ripe cherries in the mouth, nice acidity, some carbonic notes and a minty and balsamic character.
While we will offer this tasting all week long, Tim’s time with us on Tuesday will be limited to reservations between 5-7pm so make sure you reserve your spot on OpenTable and note “tasting” to guarantee one-on-one time with him!

2/9 through 2/14Cheese Monger Pairing

French wine and cheese pairing next week??! Umm, yes please!!!! And macarons are back too??? 🤤🧀🍷🥂

Whether you’re celebrating #GalentinesDay or #ValentinesDay this pairing is PERFECT for lovers of all things delicious.

On Tuesday 2/9 we will have local cheese expert @apairtoremember in-house pairing Délice De Bourgogne, a Classic French triple crème from Burgundy with St. Roch Sauvignon Blanc. P’tit Basque sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees Mountains will be offered with Château Yvonne Cabernet Franc. Rounding out the flight will be a THREE THOUSAND year old recipe, Ossau Iraty from the Basque region, with Langlois-Chateau Crement de Loire Rosé of Cab Franc.

If you would like to meet our monger make a reservation on OpenTable and note “tasting” in the guest request section. We will have a seating with her at 4pm and a seating at 6pm. The flight will still be available the rest of the night and week, though so don’t worry if you can’t make those times ☺️

And macarons from @happybakeshopdenver are back! In addition to the cheese pairings, we will also have macaron pairings available ALL MONTH LONG. Starting the flight is a Pineapple Buttercream with a dollop of Lemon Curd that pairs perfectly with St. Roch Sauvignon Blanc. Next is our first savory macaron that has a Red Pepper Jelly center surrounded by a classic Cream Cheese Buttercream with a bit of sweet AND heat in a Cracked Pepper shell that brings out the fruit and pepper in the Château Yvonne Cab Franc. The final pairing of Champagne Buttercream and Raspberry Jam with the Cremant Rosé of Cabernet Franc is so beautiful to look at, it's nearly impossible to eat! Individual pairings are $3 each or $8 for all three.

2/2 - Smith-Madrone Winery, Napa Valley

Virtual Tasting with Stu Smith of Smith-Madrone Winery in Napa Valley

Join us [Vin Rouge not Stu] in person on Tuesday, 2/2 at 7pm MST [limit of 10 guests total at Vin Rouge] and live on zoom [limit of 20 additional tastings for two] for a one-on-one with legendary winemaker, Stu Smith of Smith-Madrone Winery.

Located in the highly coveted area of Spring Mountain in Napa Valley, and celebrating nearly 50 years of vines, Smith-Madrone commands respect for their no-nonsense approach to wine making. Thankfully the vineyards were spared by the Glass Fire that ravaged most of their neighbors and colleagues but not everyone was as lucky and many are still in need so 20% of the profits from this tasting will be donated to the Napa Valley Disaster Relief Fund to help them rebuild their community. Please check out the Virtual Tasting link for more information about these wines, Stu, and Smith-Madrone. [We will continue to leave the virtual tasting video up on our site for those of you that cannot make the event when we are live.]

As always, make your reservation on @opentable for 6:45pm [live feed starts PROMPTLY at 7pm] and note “tasting” in the guest request section.
So excited for a little one on one with a legend!!! 💃🏻🍷😍

1/26 through 1/31Pinot Noir

The World of Pinot Noir for less than $20 🤯🍷😍🤤

This week we are taking a closer look at three starkly different versions of this easy-drinking, cool-climate, thin-skinned varietal [and let’s not forget fan-favorite].

First we start with a gorgeous Sancerre rosé from B. Millet. This Sancerre Rosé is a blend of press and saignée. The grapes pressed at harvest produce the pressed juice and the saignée is the product of skin maceration. The must is then settled and low temperature fermentation begins. No malolactic fermentation. Light filtration and stainless steel tank aging.

Next we travel back to the US to one of the largest Pinot producing areas in our country, Santa Barbara Co. Lane Tanner of @LumenWines was the first independent female winemaker in Santa Barbara County, and the first to dedicate her entire winery to Pinot Noir. Her wines are notable for being low in alcohol and sulfites, a practice that she continues to this day.

We round out the tasting with one my personal favorite Pinot [aka Spätburgunder] producing areas in the world...Germany. “The Daily August” from @AugustKesseler is considered a Big Pinot, defined above all by three things: fruit, elegance and balance. Added to this are distinctiveness, finesse and precision, supported by new wood - but never more than 30 percent! As a winery in the Rheingau, with origin in Assmannshausen, they have dedicated themselves to Pinot Noir and Riesling as they are the predominant grape varieties in the Rheingau.

1/19 through 1/24 - American Pride

Our first flight of 2021 will pay homage to the historical events happening this week as we salute...Red, White and Blue fruit from the good old USA 🇺🇸 [and it’s only $15pp for THREE tastings!]

Klinker Brick Winery is nestled in the heart of Lodi’s most prestigious Mokelumne AVA, and includes 750 acres of estate vineyards, many of which have been farmed consistently by the Felten family for 6 generations. The soils are comprised of deep granite sandy loam, giving wines of this region a distinctive minerality.

@klinkerbrick recently landed on the highly acclaimed @wine_spectator Top 100 of 2020 list with their stunning #GrenacheBlanc. Most commonly found in Rhone wine blends, it exhibits traditional aromas of lemon and lime coupled with a hint of white peach. Crisp, bright flavors of citrus and Anjou pear lead into a silky smooth finish.

Aged in new French oak, the #FarrahSyrah is a beautifully balanced wine with broad berry flavors and hints of chocolate, cola and tobacco. A fabulous example of what Syrah can do in Lodi. Huge diurnal swings in summer temperatures allowed the winemaker to retain acidity, providing notes of bright blue toned fruit. Barrel fermentation and maturation in french oak bring a spice and texture that cannot be replicated with american oak.

Finally, the #Brickmason blend is comprised of 80% Zinfandel, 10% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petite Sirah. Deep red fruit aromas lead into notes of toasty vanilla with firm tannins and bold structure. The blend started by barrel sampling through 16 different lots of zinfandel and choosing two that were exemplary of the varietal and vintage. The Costa Zin was selected for its acidity, red fruit and spicy pepper with an elegant finish.

And you heard us say it’s only $15pp for all three, right? 😉💃🏻🤤🍷

1/8Riesling from Mosel, Germany

Happy New Year! Virtual Tastings are back for our club members this week at 8pm tomorrow when we learn about the versatility of the Riesling grape [specifically from Mosel] with expert Francesca with Anvil Wines.

After this TWTE you’ll be able to choose wines with skill from the Mosel Valley and learn why this region has been considered the best place for Riesling in the world. The Mosel [aka Moselle] River begins in France and flows into Germany where it twists sharply for 150 miles and deposits into the Rhine on its way to the North Sea. It is along this winding river gorge that we find the most classic Riesling wines in the world. Traditionally, most Riesling wines are on the sweeter end of the spectrum, in order to balance the wine’s high acidity. Nowadays, there is also a deal of dry [as in, not sweet] Riesling for those who prefer a leaner-tasting wine, but the primary aromas and taste profile are distinct and easy to identify. The best Rieslings grow along the Mosel River in Germany on steep south-facing hills.
This tasting will include FOUR stellar examples of rieslings, including THREE Grosses Gewachs [the German equivalent of a French 1er Grand Cru] from three of the most notable and respected German winemakers alive. We will taste Weiser-Künstler’s 2019 ‘Trarbacher’ Trocken with only 2.5 g/l of RS [residual sugar], Dr. Ulli Stein’s 2019er Palmberg Vineyard Spätlese Trocken, Weiser-Künstler’s 2018er ‘Steffensberg’ Trocken and finally from Julian Haart, his 2019er ‘Goldtröpfchen’ Kabinett that has an outstanding RS of 40 g/l.
We were only able to get THREE bottles of each of these rare finds, and they would normally cost anywhere from $22-$38 per glass, and the tasting for two would be $125 but we are offering for only $75 per tasting for two and only to our club members. Since there’s only 15 tastings available, and 4 have already been accounted for, so we will sell out quickly. You can reserve your tasting here to guarantee your Zoom spot!
[If you are planning on making this a date night, make sure you pair with something spicy like Thai or Indian food 🤤]

12/18Reds from Rioja

Our virtual #TastingWithTheExperts series this week takes us to #España with a flight of Spanish Reds from #Rioja! 💃🏻😍🍷🤤
From producer @jorgeordonezselections we are offering his #RioMadreGraciano. #Graciano wine is moderately tannic, deeply colored and intensely perfumed, with aromas of mulberry, violets and chocolate. In Rioja, where most red wines are aged in oak, these notes are complemented by vanilla and sweet spices.
Next taste is a #Reserva from @ramirezdelapiscina and is my favorite varietal from Spain, #Tempranillo 🤤 Fragrant dark fruit and smoky oak aromas are complemented by vanilla and licorice, finishing smooth and quite long, with soft tannins building slowly.
And finally @bodegasmuga 🙌🏻 If you know Rioja wines, you know Muga and their reputation. This 2016 Reservation is a Tempranillo blend, inclusive of #Garnacha #Mazuelo and #Graciano. Classic flavors of leather and vanilla are beautifully balanced with black fruits like plum and blackberry.
As you can see, this tasting will be the perfect way to start your weekend off right! And at $40 for a #TastingForTwo it’s a no-brainer that you can afford to add on a perfectly paired charcuterie board too!
If you’d like to reserve your tasting, just comment here and come in Thursday before 6:30pm or Friday from 4-7:30pm to pick up. We will also have these for sale online before noon if you’d prefer to pick up curbside. Gift sets will also be available at an amazing price so if there’s more than two of you it’s definitely the way to go!
Thank you friends! See you on the zoom call Friday at 8pm with Spanish Wine Expert Daniel from @giulianaimports

12/11Attimo Wine

Local peeps...this week you get to support not only one, not two, but THREE local small businesses!
If you don’t know the story behind Attimo Wine you are missing out. Founder Jon Schlegel was one of the foundling partners of Denver’s beloved Snooze A.M. Eatery and when he sold his partnership, he bought a vineyard in Piedmont, Italy [jealous!] So while you are supporting a Denver native, you’re still drinking a wine that is harvested, crushed and aged in Italy and finished in tank in LoDo🍷
This Friday 12/11, as part of our Tasting With The Experts series, we are bringing you three Italian reds from Attimo: Barbera D'Alba, Dolcetto and pearl-clutching Barolo 🤤
In addition to Attimo, you would also be supporting Grand Vin Colorado who employ some of the most AMAZING human beings, including our dear friend Jessica who you’ve had the pleasure of meeting if you’ve ever partaken in one of our blind tastings. Her knowledge is humbling but still approachable and she will be joining us, as well as Attimo winemaker Kyle Nickerson, this Friday at 8pm.

12/4Sandhi Winery

Date night is back! This Friday, 12/4 at 8pm, we are proud to bring back our Tasting With the Expert series 😍 Tracy with Natural Wine Company is going to showcase Sandhi Wines and their award-winning line. This Tasting for Two includes their stone fruit Chardonnay * dry but fruit-forward rosé of PinotNoir * and my personal favorite their 2018 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. 🍷 🤤 Already have plans on Friday? No problem because we will record this zoom call for you to enjoy later! And just in case you want a bit more than just a single tasting, we’ve bundled all three of these wines for 15% off normal single bottle pricing. Call us at 720.502.2131 to reserve your flight or gift set, daily from 4-8pm.

11/10 – Traveling south in the Pacific Northwest from WA to OR, we celebrate the beautiful wine region of Willamette Valley this week. Throw out what you know about Riesling and Chardonnay because these two beauties from Ovum Wines (@ovumwines) and Evening Land Wines (@elvwines) will rock your world [and change your mind about what you THOUGHT you didn’t like 🤛🏻] But the Pinot Noir from @holloranvineyardwines is everything you want from an Oregon Pinot and more!

And to celebrate the stone fruit in both of the whites, our seasonal macaron this week from Happy Bakeshop (@happybakeshopdenver) is your favorite palisade peach preserve from Red Camper @redcamper infused with Laws Whisky (@lawswhiskey) and vanilla buttercream. 🤤

11/4 – Come drink wine with us from Washington this week. We have a GORGEOUS flight that includes an insane 2016 Chardonnay from Charles Smith Wines (@charlessmithwines) – a merlot that doesn’t make you curse it out [Sideways movie] from Airfield Wines (@airfieldwines) – and finally 🙌🏻 K Vintners [@kvintners] Syrah that is as warm and comforting as fresh cookie dough. 🤤 This week is weird and we can’t deny it but there’s one thing you can count on and that’s Charlie to get in the way when you’re doing laundry, and Vin Rouge to make you forget about all of the fu€kery taking place. We will also have more of our super popular, sold-out-in-a-couple-of-days Vin Rouge Macarons from Happy Bakeshop (@happybakeshopdenver) to enjoy perfectly with this week’s flight and always with our new Duck Rillettes dish. Love you neighbors!!!

10/26 through 11/1 - Trick or Treat Yo’self! This week we bringing you a #Hallowine pairing with classic candies like Twizzlers with our delicious Groulleau Rosé from Les Deux Moulins, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with Mauro Molino Winery (@mauromolinowinery) #barberadasti and Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel with an #Appassimento from @casamarrone. The sooner you come in the better because we sold out of our maiden flavor in just a couple of days this week and you do NOT want to miss out on these beauties. Happy Hallowine!!!

10/20 through 10/25 - Oooooh how we love fall! For us fall equals scarves, pumpkins and PINOT! Since the day we heard about Antiquum Farmer (@antiquumfarmer on Instagram) we’ve been obsessed. They are everything we want in a, biodynamic, self-sustainable, family-owned and run...and grit. We highly encourage you to check their website out and see why we have SO much respect for them and what they do. This week your favorite expert, Jessica, with @grandvincolorado will share with you her expertise and passion for this winery...because that’s who got us hooked! She will only be here on Tuesday from 5 to ? but the tasting will be featured all week [or until our limited stash lasts] so make your rezzie on Open Table and write “Tasting” in the special requests so we know to save you a seat. We’ve been DYING to share this flight of Juel Pinot Noir and Daisy Pinot Gris with you for MONTHS and the temp is finally right. [Club should also save a special space for Vin Rouge on Thursday and check your private account 😜 🍷 💃🏻 😎]

10/13 through 10/18 - Showcasing the island of Sicily where Mount Etna [an active 🌋😳] produces high-acid grapes with savory minerality. Our first two wines are from Curatolo Arini (@curatoloarini1875)...a bright, fresh Catarrato and a Sicilian classic, Nerod Avola. The last taste is a stunning Nerello Mascalese. 🙌🏻 This award-winning Passorosso was produced by Vini Franchetti from 80-110 year old vines on the northern side of the volcano.

10/6 through 10/11 - From Berkeley, CA to Berkeley, CO @broccellars is our featured flight of the week and we couldn’t be more excited! Jason with @harvestwineco will be showcasing THREE of Chris Brockway’s beauties from 5-7pm on Tuesday. REAL natural tasting, unique varietals, no added sulfates, family owned vineyards...what more do you need to know?? If you can’t join us Tuesday, don’t worry because as always, we will offer all week [or until we sell out] Happī Chenin, Mission Rosé [already sold out EVERYWHERE], and Love Red Blend [carignan/valdiguié/syrah] 🙌🏻♥️🍷💃🏻

9/29 through 10/4 – This week’s Tuesday Tasting With The Expert is brought to you by Tracy with @naturalwineco and we have been doing a happy dance 💃🏻 for a month in anticipation! Central Coast California is where I hail from, is my favorite domestic wine region and these little beauties are EXACTLY the reason why! We will be showcasing two Chardonnays and two Pinot Noir from @breawines and @sandhiwines 🙌🏻 If you think Chardonnay is your least favorite white and Pinot Noir isn’t big enough for your palate, these examples change the stereotype 🤯 If you want to learn more about these coveted wines and winemakers, make a reservation on Open Table and write “TASTING" in the requests section. We are offering this tasting all week [or until we sell out] but our expert will only be with us on Tuesday so get your res while they’re still available!

9/22 – The last tasting of the month will take you on a trip to the Loire Valley where we will enjoy a rich Muscadet from Estelle Sauvion aged in large oak foudres, a flinty/limestone Chenin Blanc from Domaine des Hauts Baigneux, a biodynamic/organic Cabernet Franc from one of the best producers in Saumur, Chateau Yvonne, and finish with another relatively unheard of varietal called Pineau d’Aunis [pronounced pee-no doh-nee] that is subtle and light but has a pop of pepper on the nose. This rare and elusive varietal is grown by only a handful of producers and in tiny quantities so we are lucky to have the opportunity to try it!

9/15 – Blind Tasting! Jessica Roat from Grand Vin had SO much fun with you guys the last time that she asked to come back and do it again! We will sample 3 whites and 3 reds this time, continuing to explore your palates and get to the bottom of the characteristics you love in a wine [and also what you don’t!]

9/8 – This is Major! Grown in CA’s Central Coast. Made in Paso Robles. Hustled from Los Angeles. This wine is bad a$$. Our vertical this week comes from Hollywood screenwriter turned winemaker, Andrew Major. Sourced from Morro View Vineyard in Edna Valley, their Albariño has all of the beautiful characteristics of a wine grown close the Pacific Ocean; effervescence, hi-res acid, and citrus flavors that pack a punch…and only 170 cases were produced. Their Pinot Noir is sourced from the Santa Rita Hills and Santa Maria AVAs of Santa Barbara County and aged in 15% new/85% neutral French oak…so silky smooth and complex! And whaaat the heck is Valdiguié?!?! Once mistakenly called the “Napa Gamay”, Valdiguié hails originally from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, and while it is deep in color it is typically light/medium bodied like a Pinot.

9/1 - Bubbles! Before the cold weather sets in and fall quickly turns to winter, we want to bid adios to summer with a vertical flight from España. Located just an hour south of Barcelona in Penedès, Catalonia, Avinyó Cava is a premier, hand-made, artisanal sparkling wine house which stands in stark contrast to the status quo of the industrial Cava machine. The Esteve Family wanted to change the stereotype surrounding Cava that typically makes it way to the US, working hard to get their vineyard and winery certified organic. Their Reserva Cavas are aged for a minimum of 24 months, while their Gran Reserva, made from the original vines planted from their grandfather in 1940, ages for at least 36 months on the lees. These wines are spectacular and highly coveted worldwide. We will have the pleasure of tasting through their Petillant, Reserva Brut, and Reserva Brut Rosé. Our tastings are selling out quickly so don’t forget to make your reservations on @opentable to guarantee your spot! ¡Salud! 🥂🍾