About Vin Rouge

We are opening up an approachably bougie wine bar...everyone wants to feel fancy without feeling out of place. We wanted to have a cool, boutique wine bar, with wines and high-end beers.” — Jenn Feinstein in Business Denver

Owner Jenn Feinstein has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, starting at one of The Ritz Carlton’s flagship properties. 

Before moving to Denver with husband and partner Jarrett Feinstein, Jenn oversaw one of the first wineries in Santa Barbara County, Sunstone Vineyards & Winery. Over several years they were able to visit tasting rooms and vineyards together along the entire west coast, meeting with winemakers, vineyard owners, tasting room staff, and the people maintaining the vines, learning together the labor and love it takes to get the grapes from soil to bottle.

At Vin Rouge, you get to choose where your heart feels home… the living room, dining room, or the bar. We actually appealed to the city to reduce our occupancy level because we wanted the space to feel comfortable and not crowded.

The design is purposeful and the building was carefully chosen to reflect the warmth of a historical building with original hardwoods and exposed brick, with modern but classic furniture and fixtures. It’s meant to feel luxurious but still approachable… like our wine. Our wine is unique and not something you will find on the wine list at your favorite restaurant or in markets, but there is something for every taste available – we will help you find it. We hope through this method that our guests that may feel intimidated by the hundreds of labels on store shelves will now have the confidence to purchase on their own. Get to know your tastes and articulate your palate without anyone "winesplaining".

Read more about Jenn and Jarrett's journey to open Vin Rouge in Voyage Denver, or reserve your table and ask them when you come in and enjoy one of their lovely wines or crafted beers.